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The Environmental Presidency
The Environmental Presidency
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Dennis L. Soden - Editor
SUNY series on the Presidency: Contemporary Issues
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Hardcover - 366 pages
Release Date: September 1999
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Paperback - 366 pages
Release Date: September 1999
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Examines how the modern presidency has responded to environmental concerns.

The Environmental Presidency develops a systematic understanding of how presidents have influenced the development of environmental and natural resource policy through an examination of environmental behavior and interaction patterns between the president and the American people. Looking at five presidential roles--Commander in Chief, Chief Diplomat, Opinion and Party Leader, Chief Legislator, and Chief Executive--the authors show how the modern presidency has redefined the relative strengths of each role in response to the political salience of the environment.

"This book is NEEDED for environmental politics courses, and for presidency courses as well. There is nothing even remotely like this book available, and it tells a thorough story about the development of U.S. environmental policy and the evolution of the presidency that is both interesting and well done." -- Nicholas Lovvich, Washington State University

"The Environmental Presidency addresses a neglected area in presidency studies and does so in an original, methodological way." -- Larry Berman, University of California, Davis

Contributors include Chris Borick, Michael Cabral, Janet S. Conary, Byron Daynes, Andrea K. Gerlak, Mark Kelso, Ron Ketter, Carolyn Long, Brent Steel, Glen Sussman, Raymond Tatalovich, Brooks Vandivort, Mark Wattier, and Jonathan P. West.

Dennis L. Soden is Professor of Policy Studies and Director of the Public Policy Research Center at the University of Texas at El Paso. He is the author of To Govern a Nation (with Byron Daynes and Raymond Tatalovich) and At the Nexus: Science Policy in Nevada. He is the coeditor of Towards 2000: Public Policy in Nevada (with Eric Herzik) and Ecosystems Management: A Social Science Perspective (with Berton Lee Lamb and John R. Tennert).

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Table of Contents

List of Figures and Tables


Chapter 1
Presidential Roles and Environmental Policy

Dennis L. Soden

Chapter 2
An Emerging Nation: The Early Presidents and the Development of Environmental Policy

Janet S. Conary

Chapter 3
The Twentieth Century: Progressivism, Prosperity, and Crisis

Andrea K. Gerlak and Patrick J. McGovern

Chapter 4
Implementation of Environmental Policy: The Chief Executive

Jonathan P. West and Glen Sussman

Chapter 5
Environmental Priorities and the President as Legislative Leader

Glen Sussman and Mark Andrew Kelso

Chapter 6
Opinion Leadership: Elections, Campaigns, Agenda Setting, and Environmentalism

Raymond Tatalovich and Mark J. Wattier

Chapter 7
The Chief Environmental Diplomat: An Evolving Arena of Foreign Policy

Carolyn Long, Michael Cabral, and Brooks Vandivort

Chapter 8
The Changing Agenda of the Environment and the Commander-in-Chief

Ronald Ketter, Chris Borick, and Michael Cabral

Chapter 9
Bill Clinton: Environmental President

Byron Daynes

Chapter 10
Evaluating the Environmental Presidency

Dennis L. Soden and Brent S. Steel



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