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Capitalizing Knowledge
New Intersections of Industry and Academia
Capitalizing Knowledge
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Henry Etzkowitz - Editor
Andrew Webster - Editor
Peter Healey - Editor
SUNY series, Frontiers in Education
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Hardcover - 281 pages
Release Date: October 1998
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ISBN13: 978-0-7914-3947-0

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Paperback - 281 pages
Release Date: September 1998
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Examines current trends toward increasing links between industry and academia and the resulting commercialization of universities as they seek to capitalize their research.

"Capitalizing Knowledge deals with an important topic that is under much discussion at present. It has an international focus on the topic, which is quite unusual in the available literature. The material in the book is original and filled with interesting data and analyses." -- Philip Altbach, author of The Knowledge Context: Comparative Perspectives on the Distribution of Knowledge

Capitalizing Knowledge explores the academic-industrial interface in a sustained and critical analysis, drawing on expertise in a wide range of disciplines from the U.S., Latin America, and Europe. Using an international focus, the book examines the range of experiences, problems, and solutions that different countries have had in managing academic-industrial links. Of key importance to policy-makers in government, academia, and industry, Capitalizing Knowledge explores the current trends as well as the commercialization of universities as they seek to capitalize their research.

The authors are part of an international research network that over the past five years has examined the capitalization of knowledge in academic-industrial relations.
They provide an analysis of the institutional changes occurring today as well as an analysis of its implications. Also explored is the role of the university in economic development, the dynamics of technology transfer, and country-specific analyses of new links between industry and academia.

Henry Etzkowitz is Director of the Science Policy Institute at the State University of New York at Purchase. He is the author of the forthcoming Athena Unbound: Overcoming Barriers to Women in Science. Andrew Webster is Director of the Science and Technology Studies Unit at England's Anglia University. He is the author of Innovation and the Intellectual Property System and Building New Bases for Innovation: The Transformation of the R & D System in Post-Socialist States. Peter Healey is Director of the Science Policy Support Group in London, England.

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Henry Etzkowitz, Andrew Webster, and Peter Healey

I The Entrepreneurial University

1 Entrepreneurial Science: The Second Academic Revolution

Henry Etzkowitz and Andrew Webster

2 Toward a Theoretical Analysis of Academic-Industry Collaboration

Andrew Webster and Henry Etzkowitz

3 The Changing Context of Science and University-Industry Relations

Karen Seashore Louis and Melissa S. Anderson

II The Capitalization of Knowledge

4 Strategic Research Alliances: Testing the Collaborative Limits?

Andrew Webster

5 Science and Technology Knowledge Flows Between Industrial and Academic Research: A Comparative Study

Jacqueline Senker, Wendy Faulkner, and Léa Velho

6 Science Parks and Innovative Centers

Rikard Stankiewicz

III International Comparisons

7 Academy-Industry Relations in Middle-Income Countries: Eastern Europe and Ibero-America

Katalin Balázs and Guilherme Ary Plonski

8 Academic-Industry Relations in Russia: The Road to the Market

Mike Berry and Lioudmila Pipiia

9 Universities in Scotland and Organizational Innovation in the Commercialization of Knowldege

Margaret Sheen

10 Inching Toward Industrial Policy: The University's Role in Government Initiatives to Assist Small, Innovative Companies in the United States

Henry Etzkowitz and Ashley J. Stevens




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