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Crime and Criminal Justice in Israel
Assessing the Knowledge Base toward the Twenty-First Century
Crime and Criminal Justice in Israel
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Robert R. Friedmann - Editor
SUNY series in Israeli Studies
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Hardcover - 437 pages
Release Date: March 1998
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Release Date: March 1998
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Offers insights into the criminal justice system and the field of criminology in Israel.

Assessing the Israeli criminal justice knowledge base with implications for Israel and international scholarship, this book explores crime, legislation, law enforcement, courts, corrections, and the victim. The book discusses the development of criminal justice and criminology in a new society, adding to the understanding of crime and societal reaction. The authors examine the historical development of Israeli criminal justice, describe the state of current knowledge, and point to possible future directions.

"There is much to be learned about criminal justice in Israel. Moreover, the high scholarly output of Israeli criminologists makes their work of particular interest."-- Simon I. Singer, State University of New York at Buffalo

"The writing styles of the diverse authors are excellent. It is a thorough treatment of crime, delinquency, and punishment in Israel, and has transferability beyond Israel."-- Marvin E. Wolfgang, University of Pennsylvania

Robert R. Friedmann is Professor and Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice, Georgia State University. He is the author of several books, including Criminal Justice in Israel: An Annotated Bibliography of English Language Publications and Community Policing: Comparative Perspectives and Prospects.

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Table of Contents


Part 1 Theory

1 The Study of Crime and Social Control in Israel: Some Theoretical Observations
Mimi Ajzenstadt

2 Patterned Deviance
Chanoch Jacobsen

3 Criminal Justice in Israel
Gad J. Bensinger

Part 2 The Epidemiology And Etiology Of Crime In Israel

4 Criminal Statistics
Giora Rahav

5 Juvenile Delinquency
Giora Rahav

6 Crimes of Violence in Israel: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives
Simha F. Landau

7 Organized Crime in Israel
Menachem Amir

8 Political Violence: Political Assassinations as a Quest for Justice
Nachman Ben-Yehuda

Part 3 Law And Law Enforcement

9 Criminal Law in Israel
Mordechai Kremnitzer

10 Police and Police Reform in Israel: The Formative Role of the State
Erella Shadmi

Part 4 Corrections

11 Punishment, Prisoners' Rights and Pardons
Leon Sheleff

12 The Israeli Prison System
Gavriel Shavitt

13 Juvenile and Adult Probation in IsraelYael
Hassin and Menachem Horovitz

14 Rehabilitation Efforts in the Israel Prison Service
Yochanan Wozner

Part 5 Victimology

15 Victimological Research in Israel: Past and Current Perspectives
Simha F. Landau and Leslie Sebba

Part 6 Discussion

16 Assessing the Knowledge-Base toward the Twenty-First Century
Robert R. Friedmann



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