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Global Convulsions
Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism at the End of the Twentieth Century
Global Convulsions
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Winston A. Van Horne - Editor
SUNY series, The Social Context of Education
Hardcover - 364 pages
Release Date: February 1997
ISBN10: 0-7914-3235-1
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-3235-8

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Paperback - 364 pages
Release Date: January 1997
ISBN10: 0-7914-3236-X
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-3236-5

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Addresses issues concerning race, ethnicity, and nationlism in both their domestic and international dimensions

"Sectarianism, ethnonationalism, and racialism have divided human populations for centuries, yet, these fabricated, unnecessary, and dangerous formations are rarely addressed in global terms. Global Convulsions redefines the problem in a cross-disciplinary confrontation with the horrors of convulsions." -- Leonard Harris, Purdue University

Global Convulsions affords the reader an array of observations, data, and insights pertaining to both local and global events around the issues of race, ethnicity and nationalism at the end of the twentieth century. It scrutinizes closely the phenomenon of race in both historical and scientific contexts, and calls out a range of sociohistorical forces that have engendered ethnicity and nationalism. Through case studies, the contributors bring into sharp focus an array of ethnic cleavages, the difficulty of the struggle for national rights where language and religion draw a hard ethnic divide, and the actual corrosiveness of ethnicity and nationalism on the state.

The enduring value of Global Convulsions lies in its global reach and the patterns that it calls out. It makes plain that the state is no salvation in relation to national chauvinism, ethnic exclusivism, and/or racial paranoia. Indeed, the state, if not the cause, is often a consummative force perpetuating these phenomena. Still, according to the contributors to this volume, the state has much potential to transcend the divides of race, ethnicity, and nationalism. And so, in Global Convulsions does one discern the possibility of "us/them" becoming "us together."

Contributors to the volume include Linda Vigilant, Winston A. Van Horne, Martin Bernal, Brian E. Porter, Martin E. Marty, Kosaku Yoshino, Marianne Elliott, Galia Golan, Muhammad Hallaj, George S. Harris, Mark R. Beissinger, Alfred Erich Senn, Robin Alison Remington, David D. Buck, Claude Ake, Marc V. Levine.

"The strengths of this book are subject matter and timing. The editor has assembled a most exceptional group of authors whose individual chapters blend together nicely and provide both perspective as well as prescription for a range of issues and concerns that glare at us from the pages of contemporary events and history. Nationalism and its progeny--xenophobia, racism, anti-Semitism--are again primary issues for national and international discussion, and this book represents an outstanding contribution to that discussion." -- James F. Barnes, Ohio University

Winston A. Van Horne is Professor in the Department of Africology, University of Wisconsin.

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Table of Contents

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Carol Edler Baumann


About the Editor and Contributors

Winston A. Van Horne

Part I. Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism: Concepts and Images

1. Race and Biology
Linda Vigilant

2. The Bell Curve: A Cross-Century Tradition Concerning Race and Intellect
Winston A. Van Horne

3. Race in History
Martin Bernal

4. Concepts of Nationalism in History
Brian E. Porter

5. Cultural Foundations of Ethnonationalism: The Role of Religion
Martin E. Marty

6. Cultural Nationalism and "internationalization" in Contemporary Japan
Kosaku Yoshino

Part II: National Identity and the Struggle for National Rights

7. Religion and Identity in Northern Ireland
Marianne Elliott

8. Israel and Palestinian Statehood
Galia Golan

9. Palestinian Statehood
Muhammad Hallaj

10. Whither the Kurds?
George S. Harris

Part III: Nationalism and the Crisis of the Multiethnic/Multinational State

11. The Relentless Pursuit of the National State: Reflections on Soviet and Post-Soviet Experiences
Mark R. Beissinger

12. Nationality Questions in the Baltic: The Lithuanian Example
Alred Erich Senn

13. Ethnonationalism and the Disintegration of Yugoslavia
Robin Alison Remington

14. China and the Containment of Ethnonationalism
David D. Buck

15. Political Ethnicity and State-Building in Nigeria
Claude Ake

16. Canada and the Challenge of the Quebec Independence Movement
Marc V. Levine

Winston A. Van Horne

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