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Women in Medical Education
An Anthology of Experience
Women in Medical Education
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Delese Wear - Editor
Francis K. Conley - Foreword by
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Hardcover - 198 pages
Release Date: October 1996
ISBN10: 0-7914-3087-1
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-3087-3

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Paperback - 198 pages
Release Date: October 1996
ISBN10: 0-7914-3088-X
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An anthology of personal narratives reflecting the issues confronting women in the medical academy today, including sexual harassment, equity issues, and maternity leave policies.

"This anthology of experience provides a historical reference point at a pivotal time for medicine in the United States. The common concern, articulated by all, is that a cultural shift must occur, a rigid structure become moldable or broken, or abolished." -- Frances K. Conley, from the Foreword

Women in Medical Education combines personal narratives written by sixteen women medical educators who, as clinicians, basic scientists, administrators, and medical humanities faculty, write of their experiences with students, patients, colleagues, and administrators. Their narratives reflect the issues confronting women in the medical academy today, including working in situations where power relations are embedded and enacted daily in the ethos of the institution; where rigid disciplinary boundaries do not include or invite inquiry into gender, race, ethnicity, or class; where integrating one's personal and work life often seems overwhelming. Yet their stories reflect the success and recognition that women in academic medicine have achieved.

The book includes essays written by Beth Alexander, Janet Bickel, Dale G. Blackstock, Kate H. Brown, Lucy M. Candib, Pamela Charney, Frances Conley, Leah J. Dickstein, Jacalyn Duffin, Deborah Jones, Perri Klass, Mary Mahowald, Marian Gray Secundy, Marjorie S. Sirridge, Rebekah Wang-Cheng, and the editor.

"Delese Wear has brought together an impressive assemblage of authors, diverse as to age, training, and experience, whose combined voices strengthen the book's important message. Displaying insight and sensitivity, the authors write with honesty and clarity on a topic sorely in need of illumination and significant to all--male and female--in medical education." -- Mollie M. Wallick, Louisiana State University School of Medicine

Delese Wear is Associate Professor of Behavioral Sciences, Associate Director of Women in Medicine, and Coordinator of the Human Values inMedicine Program at Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine. She has published two other books with SUNY Press, having edited The Center of the Web: Women and Solitude; and co-authored Literary Anatomies: Women's Bodies and Health in Literature.

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Table of Contents

Frances K. Conley


I. Historical and Theoretical Perspectives

1. Overview of Women Physicians in the United States
Leah J. Dickstein

2. Leveling the Playing Field: A National Perspective on Sexism and Professional Development in Medicine
Janet Bickel

3. Women's Programs at Medical Schools and Feminism: What is the Intersection?
Delese Wear and Janet Bickel

II. Training and Workplace Perspectives

4. Lighting Candles, Making Sparks, and Remembering Not To Forget
Jacalyn Duffin

5. A Feminist in the Medical Academy: An Idealistic Pragmatist Account
Mary B. Mahowald

6. Father Knows Best ...?
Deborah L. Jones

7. A Black Woman in Medicine
Dale G. Blackstock

8. The Feminization of Medicine
Perri Klass

9. If the Suit Fits ...
Kate H. Brown

10. Feminist Criticism in Literature and Medicine
Delese Wear

11. Innovations in Residency Education: General Internal Medicine - Women's Health Residency Track
Pamela Charney

12. Life as a Sheep in the Cow's Pasture
Marian Gray Secundy

III. Personal and Professional Identities

13. The Echo of My Mother's Footsteps
Rebekah Wang-Cheng

14. How Medicine Tried to Make a Man Out of Me (And Failed, Finally)
Lucy M. Candib

15. Moments of Becoming: After Virginia Woolf
Beth Alexander

16. Special Armor
Marjorie S. Sirridge




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