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Ethics and Social Justice
Ethics and Social Justice
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Howard E. Kiefer - Editor
Milton K. Munitz - Editor
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Hardcover - 335 pages
Release Date: June 1970
ISBN10: 0-87395-054-2
ISBN13: 978-0-87395-054-1

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Hailed by philosopher Sidney Hook as "a landmark in the history of American philosophy," the International Philosophy Year in 1967-68 brought seventy of the Western world's most distinguished philosophers to the State University College at Brockport for a series of fourteen conferences devoted to different areas of philosophic inquiry.

Contemporary Philosophic Thought, which records the original papers of these conferences in four volumes, stands not only as a major contribution to philosophy, but also as a wide survey of the range of conceptual problems that philosophers are working to solve.

Vol. 1, Language, Belief, and Metaphysics, is addressed to problems of logic and language. Contributors discuss the nature of belief and present theories on the concept of the world and on identity through time.

Vol. 2, Mind, Science, and History, focuses on the mind and related issues. Scientists and historians join philosophers in considering problems that bear upon their disciplines.

Vol. 3, Perspectives in Education, Religion, and the Arts, discusses philosophy as related to cultural change, the changing aims of education, and religion. The philosophy of art is explored from varying viewpoints of genre, style, poetics, aesthetics, rhetoric, and communication.

Vol. 4, Ethics and Social Justice, takes up moral and legal issues with essays on human rights and on philosophy as applied to practice.

Contributors to Ethics and Social Justice

Raymond Aron, University of Paris;
Kurt Baier, University of Pittsburgh;
Tom C. Clark, Associate Justice (ret.), Supreme Court of the United States;
Ronald Dworkin, University of Oxford;
Charles Frankel, Columbia University;
Joseph Gilbert, State University College, Brockport, New York;
James Gutmann, Columbia University;
H.L.A. Hart, Oxford University;
Jeanne Hersch, University of Geneva;
Sidney Hook, New York University;
Graham Hughes, New York University School of Law;
Walter Kaufmann, Princeton University;
George McGovern, United States Senator from South Dakota;
Richard McKeon, University of Chicago;
Anthony Quinton, University of Oxford;
F.E. Sparshott, Victoria University of the University of Toronto;
Paul W. Taylor, Brooklyn College of the City University of New York.

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