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Democratic Teacher Education
Programs, Processes, Problems, and Prospects
Democratic Teacher Education
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John Novak - Editor
SUNY series, Democracy and Education
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Hardcover - 262 pages
Release Date: July 1994
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Paperback - 262 pages
Release Date: July 1994
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"This book provides clear, disciplined intellectual grounding in philosophical ideals of democracy while illustrating efforts to implement, live, practice, and teach these. This unique balance between philosophy and practice is useful and informative. It provides hope for all who are constantly reflecting upon, restructuring, and perservering in this challenge to teach and think ethically and morally." -- Rebecca F. Blomgren, Director of Teacher Education, Greensboro College

This book captures the spirit, richness, and diversity of democratic teacher educators as they put their ideas into practice in creative and persistent ways. Using a diverse group of democratic educational projects from throughout North America, this volume taps into varied ways teacher educators from large state institutions, small rural colleges, urban private universities, new academic programs, special teacher development centers, and public voluntary citizen organizations are working to create the resources and opportunities for teachers to develop the skills and confidence necessary to promote sustained democratic processes.

John M. Novak is Professor of Education at Brock University where he also served as Chair of Graduate Studies. He is co-author of Inviting School Success, and Education: By Invitation Only, in addition to being editor of Advancing Invitational Thinking. Since 1984 he has served as editor of Insights, a publication of the John Dewey Society for the Study of Education and Culture.

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Table of Contents


Introduction: The Talk and the Walk of Democratic Teacher Education
John M. Novak

Section I: Programs


1. The Institute for Democracy in Education: Supporting Democratic Teachers
George Wood

2. Foxfire Teachers' Networks (Viewed Through Maxine Greene's The Dialectic of Freedom )
Hilton Smith

3. Doing Women's Studies: Possibilities and Challenges in Democratic Praxis
Cecilia Reynolds

4. Democratic Empowerment and Secondary Teacher Education
Thomas E. Kelly

5. Teaching for Democracy: Preparing Teachers to Teach Democracy
Keith Hillkirk

6. Deliberately Developing Democratic Teachers in a Year
Barbara McEwan

7. An Institute for Independence through Action, Process, and Theory
J. Cynthia McDermott

Section II: Processes


8. Only by Living Them
Heidi Watts

9. Control and Contradiction in Democratic Teacher Education: Classroom and Curriculum Approaches
Suzanne SooHoo and Thomas C. Wilson

10. Democracy in Education: A Foxfire Experience
Janet C. Fortune

11. The Democratic Process in Teacher Education: Two Case Studies
Lisa A. Bloom and Mary Jean Ronan Herzog

12. Skin-Game: Race and Racism in Teaching and Teacher Education
William Ayers

13. Radical Change in Assessment: A Catalyst for Democratic Education
Carol Lieber, Ed Mikel, and Sunny Pervil


Conclusion: Prospecting for Democratic Teacher Education
John M Novak

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