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Transitions in Continental Philosophy
Transitions in Continental Philosophy
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Arleen B. Dallery - Editor
Stephen H. Watson - Editor
E. Marya Bower - Editor
SUNY Series, Selected Studies in Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy
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Hardcover - 353 pages
Release Date: July 1994
ISBN10: 0-7914-1849-9
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-1849-9

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Paperback - 353 pages
Release Date: July 1994
ISBN10: 0-7914-1850-2
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-1850-5

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This book challenges and renews the discussions that have historically characterized the tradition of continental thought in the areas of ethics, feminism, aesthetics, and political theory. The classical origins of this tradition--phenomenology, existentialism, and hermeneutics--emerged according to models that were foundational and systematic in character. The book shows that continental philosophy is now woven between counter-discourses and concrete interventions, complicated in the relationship between theory and practice; that is, in the transition between concept and determination, idea and intuition, the ontic and the ontological, experience and judgment.

Arleen B. Dallery
is Professor of Philosophy at LaSalle University. She is co-editor of Crises in Continental Philosophy; Ethics and Danger: Essays on Heidegger and Continental Thought; and The Question of the Other: Essays in Contemporary Continental Philosophy, all published by SUNY Press. Stephen H. Watson is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame and the author of Extensions: Essays on Interpretation, Rationality, and the Closure of Modernism, also published by SUNY Press. E. Marya Bower is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Earlham College.

Selected Studies in Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy 18

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Table of Contents


I. Politics

1. Political Aspects of Husserl's Call for Renewal
R. Philip Buckley

2. Arendt/Foucault: Power and the Law
Peg Elizabeth Birmingham

3. Self-Overcoming in Foucault's Discipline and Punish
Ladelle McWhorter

4. Resisting Subjects: Habermas on the Subject of Foucault
Stuart Barnett

II. Psychoanalysis and Feminist Theory

5. Mastering a Woman: The Imaginary Foundation of a Certain Metaphysical Order
Michèle Le Doeuff

6. Lacan and the Ethics of Desire: The Relation Between Desire and Action
Ellie Ragland-Sullivan

7. Julia Kristeva's Speaking Body
Kelly Oliver

8. Irigaray and Con(fusing) Body Boundaries:Chaotic Folly or Unanticipated Bliss?
Tamsin Lorraine

9. Irigaray and the Divine
Elizabeth Grosz

10. Irigaray's Amante Marine and the Divinity of Language
Eléanor H. Kuykendall

III. Aesthetics

11. The Earth That Does Not Move
Yifat Hachamovitch

12. A Postmodern Musicological Approach to the Authentic Performance Debate
Kristin A. Switala

13 The Ethics of Reminiscence: Reading Autobiography
Kate Mehuron

IV. Ethics

14. Heidegger on Ethics and Justice
Fred Dallmayr

15. Stories of Being
John van Buren

16. Sartre's First Two Ethics
Thomas C. Anderson

17. Cognition and Morality: Lyotard on Addressors, Addresses, and Ethics
Brian Caterino

18. Deconstruction and Suffering: The Way to the Ethical
Jerome A. Miller

19. Emmanuel Levinas: Ethics as Domination or Desire
Wendy Farley

20. Facing Figures: Levinas and the Claims of Figural Interpretation
Jill Robbins



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