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Multicultural Literature and Literacies
Making Space for Difference
Multicultural Literature and Literacies
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Suzanne M. Miller - Editor
Barbara McCaskill - Editor
SUNY series, Literacy, Culture, and Learning: Theory and Practice
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Hardcover - 300 pages
Release Date: October 1993
ISBN10: 0-7914-1645-3
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-1645-7

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Paperback - 300 pages
Release Date: October 1993
ISBN10: 0-7914-1646-1
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Does literature serve a humanizing function? Can it achieve social transformation? What roles does literature play for defining self, creating community, and achieving global perspective? This is the first book to thoroughly explore the methods by which educators, creative writers, and policymakers have constructed workable models of teaching literature in multicultural classrooms.

The authors provide an interdisciplinary dialogue on the setbacks, solutions, silences, and successes that often occur in classes of multicultural literature. They all take the stance that definitions of literacy and literature originate as much outside the classroom as within it.

With the inclusion of essays by writers themselves--a feature provided by no other book on this subject--the authors offer a unique vocalization of the nationalistic, economic, empowering, and moral purposes that reading and writing serve. The book also includes a current guide to selected resources in multicultural literature, in hopes of encouraging and facilitating instructors in the transformation of their own literature courses into multicultural ones.

"I like the tone of expectation and hope, the immediacy of the essays." -- Virginia Spencer Carr, Georgia State University

Suzanne M. Miller
is Assistant Professor in the School of Education at the State University of New York, Albany. Barbara McCaskill is Assistant Professor in the Department of English at the University of Georgia, Athens

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Table of Contents


Introduction Multicultural Literature and Literacies: Making Space for Difference

Suzanne M. Miller and Barbara McCaskill

Part I Defining Difference: Perspectives on Writing Literature

1. Seeing and Listening: A Poet's Literacies

Ron Welburn

2. Liberation Literacy: Literacy and Empowerment in Marginalized American Texts

Valerie Babb

3. Literacy, Literature, and the Liberation of the American Bluesvilles: (On Writing Our World into Being)

Reggie Young

4. A Stamp on the Envelope Upside Down Means Love; or, Literature and Literacy in the Multicultural Classroom

Barbara McCaskill

Part II Making Space: Perspectives on Writing Policy

5. The Ideology of Canons and Cultural Concerns in the Literature Curriculum

Alan C. Purves

6. Finding a Common Ground: Integrating Texts and Traditions

Suzanne K. Sutherland

7. Multicultural Literacy and Literature: The Perspective of School Policy

Gregory A. Morris

8. Reading against the Cultural Grain

Phillip C. Gonzales

9. Some Notes on the Canon and Multiculturalism

Catharine R. Stimpson

Part III Making Space for Difference: Perspectives on Teaching

10. Multicultural Literacy and Literature: The Teacher's Perspective

Violet J. Harris

11. Questions of Pedagogy and Multiculturalism

Alpana Sharma Knippling

12. Multicultural Literacy in a Middle School Writing Workshop

Hasna Muhammad

13. Literature about Asians and Asian Americans: Implications for Elementary Classrooms

Junko Yokota

14. Why a Dialogic Pedagogy? Making Space for Possible Worlds

Suzanne M. Miller

Appendix: Selected Resources for Multicultural Education Expanded, Researched, and Annotated by
Kathleen Sims

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