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New Horizons in Sephardic Studies
New Horizons in Sephardic Studies
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Yedida K. Stillman - Editor
George K. Zucker - Editor
SUNY series in Anthropology and Judaic Studies
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Hardcover - 309 pages
Release Date: July 1993
ISBN10: 0-7914-1401-9
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-1401-9

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Paperback - 309 pages
Release Date: July 1993
ISBN10: 0-7914-1402-7
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This book contains the most recent research in the intrinsically interdisciplinary field of Sephardic Studies. It provides new insights into Sephardic history, culture, folklore, languages, music, and literature from both new and established international scholars.

"New Horizons in Sephardic Studies reflects the breadth, diversity, and interdisciplinary character of Sephardic Studies. New material is presented in an accessible manner, and the variety of perspectives matches the richness of the subject. The quality of the contributions is uniformly strong." -- Jane Gerber, City University of New York Graduate School

"It really sets the agenda for this whole developing field." -- Raymond P. Scheindlin, Jewish Theological Seminary of America

Yedida K. Stillman
is Professor of Near Eastern Studies and Chair of the Department of Judaic Studies at State University of New York, Binghamton. She is the author of Palestinian Costume and Jewelry and From Southern Morocco to Northern Israel: A Study in the Material Culture of Shelomi. George K. Zucker is Professor of Spanish at the University of Northern Iowa.

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Table of Contents


PART ONE: History and Philosophy

Norman A. Stillman

1. Sephardic Settlement in Ferrara under the House of Este
Pier Cesare Ioly Zorattini

2. The Universita Degli Hebrei and the Nationi of the Venice Ghetto (1516-1630): A Reconsideration of Some Presuppositions of Contemporary Jewish Historiography
Jacqueline Genot-Bismuth

3. On the Concept of Beauty in the Philosophy of Yehudah Abrabanel
Ze'ev Levy

4. The Conventionalization of Social Bonds and the Strategies of Jewish Society in the Thirteenth Century
Schmuel Trigano

5. The Jewish Quarter and the Moroccan City
Daniel Schroeter

6. Literature as a Source for the History of Libyan Jewry During the Ottoman Period
Rachel Simon

7. A "Maskil" in Aleppo: "The Torah of Israel and the People of Israel" by Rabbi Yitzhak Dayyan (Aleppo, 5683/1923)
Zvi Zohar

8. The Periodization of the History of the New Christians and Crypto-Jews in Spanish America
Eva Alexandra Uchmany

9. Cryptojews in Rio de la Plata in the Seventeenth Century
Matilde Gini de Barnatan

PART TWO: Language and Literature

David M. Gitlitz

10. Camilo Castelo Branco and the Portuguese Inquisition
Helen A. Shepard

11. The Inquisition and the Jew in Latin American Drama
Sandra Messinger Cypess

12. Anthroponyms in the Collection of Moroccan Sephardic Ballads
Paloma Diaz-Mas

13. "Plazeme de tus Enojos": Alfonso Alvarez de Villasandino against Alfonso Ferrandez Semuel
Carlos Mota

14. Maimonides, Al-Andalus and the Influence of the Spanish-Arabic Dialect on His Language
Joshua Blau

15. Uncovering the Origins of the Judeo-Ibero-Romance Languages
Paul Wexler

16. Problems of Transcribing Sephardic Texts into the Roman Alphabet
George K. Zucker

PART THREE: Ethnography and Folklore

Walter P. Zenner

17. Memories of Jewish Life
Steve Siporin

18. Misogyny or Philogyny: The Case of a Judeo-Spanish Folktale
Reginetta Haboucha

19. Customs of Pregnancy and Childbirth among Sephardic and Oriental Jews
Issachar Ben-Ami

20. A Conversation in Proverbs: Judeo-Spanish Refranes in Context
Isaac Jack Levy and Rosemary Levy Zumwalt

21. Expressive Modes in the Judeo-Spanish Wedding Song
Oro Anahory-Librowicz

22. The Music of the Songs: Musical Transcriptions and Commentary of the Songs Discussed by Oro Anahory-Librowicz in "Expressive Modes in the Judeo-Spanish Wedding Song"
Judith R. Cohen


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