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Image and Ideology in Modern/Postmodern Discourse
Image and Ideology in Modern/Postmodern Discourse
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David B. Downing - Editor
Susan Bazargan - Editor
Price: $95.00 
Hardcover - 349 pages
Release Date: October 1991
ISBN10: 0-7914-0715-2
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-0715-8

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Paperback - 349 pages
Release Date: September 1991
ISBN10: 0-7914-0716-0
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-0716-5

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"This book addresses a serious and 'hot' issue in culture studies. While it has been said that postmodern culture is 'dominated by images,' not much has been said about image and ideology, whereas much has been said about language and ideology. The topic of visual art and visuality in writing is obviously important. These essays fill this gap in the current published scholarship." -- David Shumway, Carnegie Mellon University

This book addresses the function and status of the visual and verbal image as it relates to social, political, and ideological issues. The authors first articulate some of the lost connections between image and ideology, then locate their argument within the modernist/postmodernist debates. The book addresses the multiple, trans-disciplinary problems arising from the ways cultures, authors, and texts mobilize particular images in order to confront, conceal, work through, or resolve contradictory ideological conditions.

David B. Downing is Associate Professor of English at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Susan Bazargan is Associate Professor of English at Eastern Illinois University. They are both editors of Works and Days: Essays in the Socio-Historical Dimensions of Literature and the Arts.

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Table of Contents


Part I Introduction
1. Image and Ideology: Some Preliminary Histories and Polemics
David B. Downing and Susan Bazargan

Part II Postmodern Revisions of Modernist Images

2. A Modernist Allegory of Narration: Joseph Conrad's "Youth" and the Ideology of the Image
Brian G. Caraher
3. Virginia Woolf's Struggle with Author-ity
Richard Pearce
4. Ezra Pound and the Visual: Notations for New Subjects in The Cantos
Norman Wacker
5. A Good Rose is Hard to Find: Southern Gothic as Signs of Social Dislocation in Faulkner and O'Connor
Margie Burns

Part III Postmodern Images as Ideological Discourse

6. The Narrative Text as Historical Artifact: The Case of John Fowles
Gian Balsamo
7. Faces, Photos, Mirrors: Image and Ideology in the Novels of John le Carr
James M. Buzard

8. The Gyroscope and the Junk Heap: Ideological Consequences of Latin American Experimentalism
Harry Polkinhorn
9. Apostle to the Techno/Peasants: Word and Image in the Work of John Berger
Michael W. Messmer

Part IV Theoretical Issues: Images of Ideology/Ideologies of Images

10. Allegories of History: The Politics of Representation in Walter Benjamin
Azade Seyhan

11. Figuring Rupture: Iconology, Politics, and the Image
Brian Macaskill

12. Feminist Politics and Postmodernist Style
Kristina Straub

13. Interview with Jean Baudrillard
Dianne Hunter

14. Selection from De La Séduction Jean Baudrillard,
Translated by Dianne Hunter

15. The Perfect Alibi of Images
Michael Walsh

16. Modern Iconology, Postmodern Iconologies
Timothy Erwin

17. Iconology and Ideology: Panofsky, Althusser, and the Scene of Recognition
W. J. T. Mitchell



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