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Critical Essays on Israeli Society, Politics, and Culture
Books on Israel, Volume II
Critical Essays on Israeli Society, Politics, and Culture
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Ian S. Lustick - Editor
Barry Rubin - Editor
SUNY series in Israeli Studies
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Hardcover - 229 pages
Release Date: February 1991
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ISBN13: 978-0-7914-0646-5

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Paperback - 229 pages
Release Date: February 1991
ISBN10: 0-7914-0647-4
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Critical Essays on Israeli Society, Politics, and Culture is the second volume in a series devoted to imaginative and critical consideration of recent books on Israel. It is a forum allowing some of the most insightful students of Israeli affairs, both in Israel and in the United States, to examine trends in Israeli literature and in scholarship pertaining to all aspects of Israeli life. Each contributor approaches Israel from a different angle, offering anthropological, religious, political, literary, and historical perspectives.

Topics attracting particular attention in this volume include the psychological reactions of Israelis who emigrate from their country and the portrayal of the emigrant in Israeli literature; human rights; the role and content of the Jewish fundamentalist movement in Israel; changing relations to the Palestinian leadership in the occupied terrorists; the emerging issue of Israel as a binational society; psychoanalytic and political motifs in contemporary Israeli fiction; and the controversial findings of Israel's newest wave of “revisionist” historians.

Ian S. Lustick is Professor of Government, Dartmouth College. His works include Israel and Jordan: The Dynamics of an Adversarial Partnership; Arabs in the Jewish State: Israel's Control of  National Minority; State-Building Failure in British Ireland and French Algeria; and For the Land and the Lord: Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel. He is editor of Books on Israel, Volume I, also published by SUNY Press. Barry Rubin is a Senior Fellow at Washington Institute for Near East Policy and Fellow at Johns Hopkins University Foreign Policy Institute.

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Table of Contents


History and Politics

Revisionism and the Reconstruction of Israeli History
Steven Heydemann

Ambiguities of a 'Binational' Israel
Myron J. Aronoff

Ideological Politics or the Politics of Demography: The Aftermath of the Six-Day-War
Gershon Shafir

Sovereignty, Legitimacy, and Political Action
Stewart Reiser

Testing for Democracy in Israel
Uri Ben-Eliezer

Society, Culture, and Religion

Between the Promised Land and the Land of Promise: Israeli Emigration and Israeli Identity
Tamar Katriel

National Neurosis in Israeli Literature: A. B. Yehoshua
Aliza Shenhar

Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel
Kevin Avruch

Exploring Answers to Zionism's Decay: Two Israeli Authors Discover Happiness
Eve Jacobson

Foreign Relations

Human Rights in Israel's Territories: Politics and Law in Interaction
Ilan Peleg

American Public Opinion toward Israel and the Palestinians
Asher Arian

Palestinian Leadership on the West Bank
Elie Rikhess

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