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An imprint of SUNY Press, 64 ink™ showcases the work of faculty from across SUNY, the largest comprehensive system of higher education in the United States.

ANNOUNCING THE LINEUP OF TEXTBOOKS CREATED FOR SUNY COURSES We’re thrilled to announce a new collaboration between SUNY OER Services and 64 ink that allows students to purchase access to a wide range of textbooks that were created or adapted by SUNY faculty. We invite you to browse the collection by clicking on the links to the various disciplines listed below.

Print Options
Individuals may order print copies directly from the SUNY Press website. Bookstores may purchase books by contacting SUNY Press Customer Service at 877-204-6073 or 703-661-1575.

Digital Options
Free online access is available for most of the books in this program, and a link is provided on the individual catalog page where appropriate. Some of the 64 ink titles are also available on RedShelf, where students have access to RedShelf’s premium eBook services (highlighting, note taking, etc.) along with offline digital access through the RedShelf app.

Search for Textbooks within These Disciplines