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Q: I’m interested in information regarding the degree programs offered by the State University of New York.

A: Please visit the State University of New York’s Web site for more information about applying to one of the SUNY campuses.

Q: Do you publish the student newspaper?

A: No, we do not publish the student newspaper. Please visit the Web site of the particular SUNY campus if you want to contact the student newspaper for that campus.

Q: Do you only publish SUNY professors?

A: No, our authors come from around the country and around the world.

Q: How do I submit a proposal or a manuscript for consideration?

Q: I’d like to contact one of the authors/editors/contributors to a SUNY Press book. Can you please give me their address?

A: We respect our authors’ privacy, and as a rule, don’t release their addresses. E-mail requests will be forwarded to the author if we have an e-mail address on file. Otherwise, you can send a letter to the author in care of SUNY Press at our editorial office, and we will forward it.

Q: How do I sign up for your e-mail list?

A: You can opt-in to receive e-mail notifications of our new books and special offers by using the subscribe link on our Web site.

Q: How do I get removed from your e-mail list?

A: SUNY Press uses   SafeUnsubscribe which guarantees the permanent removal of your e-mail address from its e-mail lists. Note: In each e-mail you receive, there will be a link to unsubscribe or change areas of interest. Your privacy is important to us; please read our E-mail Privacy Policy.

Q: How do I change my preferences (e-mail address, affiliation, phone number, interest areas, etc.) for the e-mail alerts I've opted in to receive?

A: Visit the modify your preferences page on our Web site to update or change your information.

Q: Are my credit card transactions secure?

A: Your credit card and billing information cannot be read as it travels to our ordering system. To ensure that your information is even more secure, once we receive your credit card information, we store it on a server that is not accessible from the Internet. Credit card transactions are handled by a third-party financial institution, which receives the credit card number and other personal identifying information in order to verify the credit card number and process the transaction. If you prefer, you can call in your credit card information and complete your purchase by phone. (For details, see the Ordering Options section of our Web site.)

Q: I have put items in the cart, but when I go to check out, the cart is empty. What do I do?

A: Solutions:

1. You must have cookies enabled in your browser to order through the shopping cart system. See sections below for information on cookies and how to enable them.

2.You may use alternate ordering options to order from SUNY Press. Click Here to learn how to place your order.

Q: What are cookies, and how does this site use them?

A: "Cookies" are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer's hard drive. Our site uses cookies to speed navigation and to keep track of items in your shopping cart (you will not be able to order through the shopping cart system with cookies turned off. Please see section below to enable cookies in your browser). We use cookies to remember information you gave to us so you don't have to reenter it each time you visit our site. By showing us how and when shoppers use our site, cookies help us see which areas are popular and which are not. This information is used to improve this Web site's content and to help SUNY Press understand how people are using this Web site. This information is collected for statistical analysis, to determine what information is of most and least interest to our visitors, and to identify system performance or problem areas.

Q: I have just finished placing my order, and I am now looking at my invoice. How can I save this page for my records?

A: Although you will receive a confirmation e-mail (sent to the e-mail address you entered during the check-out process), it is always a good idea to save an invoice after placing an order online. To do so, simply click "File" in your browser's menu, and then click the "Save As" option. This option is available on all browsers. After doing so, the browser will display a window prompting you to select a location to save the invoice. Find an appropriate location on your computer, name the file appropriately, and click the "Save" button.