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Foundations of Knowledge
Foundations of Knowledge (June 1968)
E.P. Papanoutsos - Author
John P. Anton - Editor/translator

“The inquiry into the foundations of knowledge is a systematic inquiry into the problem of truth. This problem constitutes one of the three main concerns of philosophical analysis, the others being the problem of beauty and the problem of goodness.” Thus Evangelos P. Papanoutsos, Greece’s leading contemporary philosopher, introduces this third book of his “Trilogy of the Mind.” The first two volumes covered aesth...(Read More)
L'Amorosa Ero
L'Amorosa Ero (June 1968)
Harry B. Lincoln - Editor/translator

In 1588, in Brescia, Italy, one Marc'-Antonio Martinengo, Count of Villachiara, composed the text and music for a madrigal titled L'Amorosa Ero. He then commissioned seventeen other Italian musicians to compose on the same text and, "pleased with the results" (according to the preface), he had the collection printed. For students of the history of the Italian madrigal and the development of its style, L'Amorosa Ero offers a rare opp...(Read More)
Samuel Griswold Goodrich
Samuel Griswold Goodrich (June 1968)
D. Roselle - Author

Peter Parley has, alas, gone the way of the children he once entertained, the children of our great-grandfathers in the early half of the American nineteenth century. But in his day he was a household word, a teller of cautionary tales, instructive fables, and reports of strange lands. He lived in the series of little books found in thousands of homes, in the elementary readers and textbooks, even in the spate of imitation and spurious “P...(Read More)
The Meaning of Courtly Love
The Meaning of Courtly Love (June 1968)
Francis X. Newman - Editor

The essays of this book are the five major papers of a conference sponsored by the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies of the State University of New York at Binghamton on 17-18 March 1967. The papers will offer the reader an opportunity to determine the meaning of the concept of courtly love in critical discussion, to judge its importance in understanding medieval literature, and to see the range of opinion on the subject.

D. W. Rob...(Read More)
Amphibians of Malawi
Amphibians of Malawi (June 1967)
Margaret M. Stewart - Author

A handbook for the herpetologist—professional, student, or amateur—anxious to acquaint himself with African Amphibia. The geographic location and climatic variety of Malawi make it possible for this small country to support a large number of frogs and toads, many of them representative of much of sub-Sahara Africa. This book contributes greatly to the relatively sparse literature on African Amphibia.

Professo...(Read More)
Development of Modern Indonesian Poetry
Development of Modern Indonesian Poetry (June 1967)
Burton Raffel - Editor/translator

Indonesian poetry, like the country and also the language, is basically a product of this century. Only in the twentieth century have the people of this vast archipelago begun to achieve a unified cultural identity and national spirit; only since 1928 has the possibility, and by now the reality, of a common language been realized; and only since World War II have Indonesians achieved nationhood. Yet Indonesia has already produced a highly individua...(Read More)
Martin Fierro
Martin Fierro (June 1967)
Jose Hernandez - Author
Frank G. Carrino - Editor
Alberto Carlos - Editor
Catherine E. Ward - Translator

“The two poems which, together, are popularly known as the Martín Fierro form what is often regarded as the greatest single Spanish American work in creative literature. Appropriately, it draws from Spain the language and verse forms which have long been the vehicle of improvisation, the didactic folk wisdom of old Spanish proverbs, the Spanish interest in law whether formally codified in the fueros and the Siete P...(Read More)
Most Uncommon Jacksonians
Most Uncommon Jacksonians (June 1967)
The Radical Leaders of the Early Labor Movement
Edward Pessen - Author

The age of Jackson saw the beginnings of America's labor movement in the emergence both of trade unions and of the Working Men's political parties. The leadership of this movement was one of its most outstanding and fascinating features. These radical leaders were “uncommon Jacksonians” in that they stood apart from both main currents of their day—the optimistic pursuit of material gain, and the moralistic criticism of that ...(Read More)
Muslim Studies, Vol. 1
Muslim Studies, Vol. 1 (June 1967)
Ignac Goldziher - Author

This is the first volume of Goldziher’s Muslim Studies, which ranks highly among the classics of the scholarly literature on Islam. Indeed, the two volumes, originally published in German in 1889–1890, can justly be counted among those which laid the foundations of the modern study of Islam as a religion and a civilization. The first study deals with the reaction of Islam to the ideals of Arab tribal society, to the attitu...(Read More)
Naturalism and Historical Understanding
Naturalism and Historical Understanding (June 1967)
Essays on the Philosophy of John Herman Randall, Jr.
John P. Anton - Editor

As philosopher, historian, and teacher, John Herman Randall, Jr. is world-renowned and universally respected. In more than fifty years of study he has probed Western thought inclusively from the early Greeks, Aristotle and the Peripatetics through contemporary European and American philosophers. Currently, Professor Randall is conducting his scholarly research at the University of Padua and the Columbia-Padua Institute, a society which he helped fou...(Read More)
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