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Man's Measure
Man's Measure (June 1974)
A Study of the Greek Image of Man from Homer to Sophocles
Laszlo Versenyi - Author

Musical Allusions in the Works of James Joyce
Musical Allusions in the Works of James Joyce (June 1974)
Early Poetry through Ulysses
Zack R. Bowen - Author

Professor Bowen's book is more than a simple collection of musical allusions; it is an engaging discussion of how Joyce uses music to expand and orchestrate his major themes. The introductions to the separate sections, on each of Joyce's works, express a new and cohesive critical theory and reevaluate the major thematic patterns in the works. The introductory material proceeds to analyze the general workings of music in each particular b...(Read More)
Parties and Power in Modern Argentina 1930-1946
Parties and Power in Modern Argentina 1930-1946 (June 1974)
Alberto Ciria - Author
Carlos A. Astiz - Translator
Mary F. McCarthy - Translator

An analysis of the immediate causes of Peronism in its formative stages is included in this study of the emergence of powerful pressure groups and the decay of traditional political parties in Argentina during the period 1930–1946. A detailed, well-documented description of Argentine politics through four administrations. Originally published in Spanish as Partidos y poder en la Argentina Moderna (1930–1946) by Editioria...(Read More)
Petrarch, Laura, and the Triumphs
Petrarch, Laura, and the Triumphs (June 1974)
Aldo S. Bernardo - Editor

Radicalism in Mediterranean France
Radicalism in Mediterranean France (June 1974)
Its Rise and Decline, 1848-1914
Leo A. Loubere - Author

Exploring the geographic area of southern France that has been largely neglected by historians, this book attempts to identify the forces producing change. Concentrating on an analysis of the Radical movement and the wine industry, the author combines four approaches to the study: those of history, electoral sociology, quantitative analysis, and human geography.
The Chinese Worker
The Chinese Worker (June 1974)
Charles Hoffmann - Author

Dr. Hoffmann evaluates the Chinese revolution by examining its effects on China's workers. He describes the country's ideological and economic setting sinceadvent of the present regime and analyzes the results of the changing structure of the work force in terms of changes in employment, unemployment, and productivity. He discusses labor allocation and the horizontal and vertical mobility of workers, the role of trade unions in the management of ...(Read More)
The Gaucho Martin Fierro
The Gaucho Martin Fierro (June 1974)
Jose Hernandez - Author
Frank G. Carrino - Editor
Alberto Carlos - Editor
Catherine E. Ward - Translator

This is a poem of protest drawn from the life of the gaucho, who was forced to yield his freedom and individuality to the social and material changes that invaded his beloved pampas--a protest which arose from years of abuse and neglect suffered from landowners, militarists, and the Argentine political establishment.

This poem, composed and first published more than a century ago, could have been written today by spokesmen for other oppressed...(Read More)
The Gilded Age Letters of E.L. Godkin
The Gilded Age Letters of E.L. Godkin (June 1974)
William M. Armstrong - Editor

Collection of the personal letters of the journalist E. L. Godkin, (1831–1902).

Born in Ireland in 1831, journalist E. L. Godkin is most famous as the first editor of the Nation. The letters, most of which have never before been published, are arranged chronologically, from 1859 to 1902.

The Hoover Presidency
The Hoover Presidency (June 1974)
A Reappraisal
Martin L. Fausold - Editor
George T. Mazuzan - Editor

These persuasive essays, which are the product of a Conversation in the Discipline held at State University of New York at Geneseo in 1973, offer a definitive reevaluation of the Hoover era in the centennial year of his birth.

Leading scholars with access to the presidential papers reappraise Hoover's controversial presidency depicting Hoover as a progressive intellectual--the first anti-depression president--who waged a superb campaign in 19...(Read More)
The Life of Ibn Sina
The Life of Ibn Sina (June 1974)
A Critical Edition and Annotated Translation
William E. Gohlman - Editor/translator

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