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Political Economy of Rural Development
Political Economy of Rural Development (June 1981)
Rosemary E. Galli - Editor

This volume is concerned with integrated social and economic development in the Third World. It directs special attention to the psychological manipulation of peasants in order to keep them on the land and, where possible, make them more productive.

In Part One, Henry Bernstein outlines and illustrates concepts for the analysis of contemporary peasantries. His introduction provides a general, historical framework for understanding the rel...(Read More)
Reconstruction of Thinking
Reconstruction of Thinking (June 1981)
Robert Cummings Neville - Author

"I believe this to be a truly important book. It is the first genuinely neo-Whiteheadian offering on a large, systematic scale." -- Donald W. Sherburne

"The architectonic of the book is a marvelously creative application of Plato's divided line. Like nested boxes, each part is at a level of perspective different from the others; each chapter within each part rehearses those same levels; each section within each part does likewise; and even ...(Read More)
Religion as Art
Religion as Art (June 1981)
An Interpretation
Thomas R. Martland - Author

Religion in its most authentic part is an art form. Religion does what art does. This idea is richly illustrated and supported by materials of diverse origin. The vast range of the author's experience in the arts and in religious texts and works of aesthetics allows him to lay hold of a great mass of disparate material and to bring out new dimensions in all of it. He always has just the example he needs at his fingertips, a Tibetan Buddhist text nex...(Read More)
Social Dialectics
Social Dialectics (June 1981)
Nation and Revolution (vol. 2)
Anouar Abdel-Malek - Author
M. Gonzalez - Translator

In Nation and Revolution, Anouar Abdel-Malek examines the dynamics of power and social change and shows how the super-imposition of new geo-politics on the existing order of national states has brought about the primacy of the political in contemporary history. Taking issue with those who maintain that the Western proletariat constitutes the main impetus for social change today, Abdel-Malek argues that the united front historically necessary ...(Read More)
Social Dialectics
Social Dialectics (June 1981)
Civilisations and Social Theory (vol. 1)
Anouar Abdel-Malek - Author
M. Gonzalez - Translator

Civilisations and Social Theory takes as its starting point the present as the most decisive period of the transformation of the world since Europe's rise to hegemony in the fifteenth century. If we are adequately to comprehend our times, the author argues, it is necessary to adopt a cross-cultural perspective based on the historical dialectical method and following the path of meaningful comparativism. From this perspective the book pr...(Read More)
The Ecole Normale Superieure and the Third Republic
The Ecole Normale Superieure and the Third Republic (June 1981)
Robert J. Smith - Author

The Ecole Normale Superieure was founded during the Revolutionary era to dominate the educational structure of France. During the Third Republic, the French academic elite trained at the Ecole Normale Superieure greatly expanded its national role and enhanced its prestige and influence.

In this book, the first full treatment of the social and political history of the Ecole Normale Superieure in recent times, Robert J. Smith has examined the ...(Read More)
The Five Dollar Day
The Five Dollar Day (June 1981)
Labor Management and Social Control in the Ford Motor Company, 1908-1921
Stephen Meyer III - Author

In 1903, Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company in a small Detroit workshop. Five years later, he introduced the Model T and met with extraordinary commercial success. Between 1910 and 1914, he developed mass production and made the conveyor a symbol of the auto-industrial age. Then, in 1914, Ford acquired an overnight reputation as humanitarian, philanthropist and social reformer; and simultaneously infuriated the business community and st...(Read More)
The Hudson
The Hudson (June 1981)
A Guidebook to the River
Arthur G. Adams - Author

This is the first comprehensive guide to the Hudson since the works of Ernest Ingersoll were published in the early 1900s. It arrives to fulfill the need for a new detailed, point-by-point guide to the river from its intersection with the Atlantic to its source in the Adirondacks.

Five possible routes for the traveler are given: directly up the main steamboat channel, road routes on the east and west shor...(Read More)
The Immorality of Limiting Growth
The Immorality of Limiting Growth (June 1981)
Edward Walter - Author

The Industrial Age has ended, according to "no-growth futurism," because the finitude of the earth has been reached. Its proponents maintain that technological innovation cannot save industrial society because of pollution, over population, and inflation. They call for a transformed society in which productivity, pollution, and population growth are strictly controlled.

This volume emphatically challenges the no-growth viewpoint on both philo...(Read More)
The Investment Frontier
The Investment Frontier (June 1981)
New York Businessmen and the Economic Development of the Old Northwest
John Denis Haeger - Author

The American West did not grow in isolation from the East. On the contrary, New York financiers and other eastern entrepreneurs were crucial to America's western economic development, providing the necessary capital and expertise to transform the West into a productive part of the nation's economy.

This thesis is powerfully demonstrated by John Denis Haeger in this study concerning the "Old Northwest" (the present-day states of Ohio, Michiga...(Read More)
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