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Legacy of Night
Legacy of Night (June 1983)
The Literary Universe of Elie Wiesel
Ellen S. Fine - Author

"Ellen Fine's book is full of original insights, beautifully written and structured. I could not put it down. It is a very important study." -- Rosette Lamont, Queens College and Graduate School, City University of New York

"By treating Wiesel's novels as literary-spiritual stages in the development of Wiesel's larger experience, as a survivor-witness-writer, Dr. Fine's book takes on an inherently dramatic character which makes it alive and...(Read More)
Making of an Ethnic Middle Class
Making of an Ethnic Middle Class (June 1983)
Portland Jewry over Four Generations
William Toll - Author

The Making of an Ethnic Middle Class explains how European Jews of diverse cultural and social backgrounds coalesced over four generations into a middle-class community. By utilizing numerous oral histories to complement statistical data from public sources such as the federal manuscript censuses and public school enrollment cards, William Toll has succeeded in tracing in minute detail the contours of change. The study focuses particularly on...(Read More)
Midrash on American Jewish History
Midrash on American Jewish History (June 1983)
Henry L. Feingold - Author

Explores American Jewish history.

“American Jewry today is undergoing a crisis of confidence and identity. The concern over survival is so thick it is practically palpable. This book addresses itself to those issues right at the top of the American Jewish agenda, puts them into historical perspective, and interprets them with uncommonly good common sense.” — Melvin I. Urofsky, Chair, Department ...(Read More)
Modern European Culture and Consciousness, 1870-1980
Modern European Culture and Consciousness, 1870-1980 (June 1983)
Paul Monaco - Author

On both personal and public levels the past century has brought Western Europeans some of the most devastating episodes of human history. Paul Monaco identifies the major modes of consciousness that Europeans have developed as ways of interpreting their experiences.

Europe appears to many Americans as an aging dowager with a grand past but little future. Yet, beyond the stereotype lies the complex reality. The U.S. and the...(Read More)
Mysticism in India
Mysticism in India (June 1983)
The Poet-Saints of Maharashtra
R. D. Ranade - Author

Mysticism in India is a complete and informative description of the teachings, works, and lives of the great poet-saints of Maharashtra written by a scholar and professor who was also a mystic. Jnaneshwar, Namadev, Tukaram, Eknath, Ramdas, and the other saints discussed belonged to the great devotional religious movement that spread through medieval India. With the exception of Ramdas, they all belonged to the tradition of the Varkaris, the...(Read More)
Notes and Sources for Folk Songs of the Catskills
Notes and Sources for Folk Songs of the Catskills (June 1983)
Norman Cazden - Editor
Herbert Haufrecht - Editor
Norman Studer - Editor

Notes and Sources to Folk Songs of the Catskills, also published by the State University of New York Press, is the companion volume to Folk Songs of the Catskills. It contains extensive reference notes that exemplify and support detailed citations in the commentary preceding each song. The book also includes a comprehensive list of sources, including books, broadsides or pocket songsters, disc recordings, music publications, periodicals, tape...(Read More)
Perspective in Whitehead's Metaphysics
Perspective in Whitehead's Metaphysics (June 1983)
Stephen David Ross - Author

Stephen David Ross presents an extensive, detailed, and critical interpretation of Whitehead's mature thought, emphasizing the fundamental role of perspective in Whitehead's cosmology, and tracing the conflicts and difficulties therein to tensions involving perspective in relation to other central features of Whitehead's thought. Ross isolates four principles as having a fundamental role in whitehead's metaphysics: perspective, cosmology, experien...(Read More)
Phenomenology (June 1983)
Dialogues and Bridges
Ronald Bruzina - Editor
Bruce Wilshire - Editor

The connecting of issues that have been heretofore largely kept separate is the thrust of the articles assembled here. From an article by a noted Continental thinker on the interrelation of phenomenology and pragmatism to articles on the phenomenological powers of theater, this book features such established thinkers as Paul Ricoeur, Hans-Georg Gadamer, Otto Pöggeler, Don Ihde, James Edie, Marjorie Grene, Eugene Gendlin, and Karl-Otto Ape...(Read More)
Philopatry, Inbreeding, and the Evolution of Sex
Philopatry, Inbreeding, and the Evolution of Sex (June 1983)
William M. Shields - Author

"The book is a substantial contribution to the field of genetics and evolution, and has broad relevance for ecologists."
-- Jeffrey B. Mitton, University of Colorado

In this comprehensive synthesis, William M. Shields introduces a provocative new hypothesis linking the previously disconnected topics of philopatry, inbreeding, and sex. Shields draws widely from theory and data in genetics, ecology, and behavior in exploring the evolutionar...(Read More)
Philosophy of Science and Occult, 1st Ed.
Philosophy of Science and Occult, 1st Ed. (June 1983)
Patrick Grim - Editor

Philosophy of Science and the Occult has two aims: to introduce the philosophy of science through an examination of the occult, and to examine the occult rigorously enough to raise central issues in philosophy of science.

Patrick Grim has compiled selections by authors with divergent views on astrology, parapsychology, and UFO’s to emphasize topics standard to the philosophy of science. He discusses issues ...(Read More)
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