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Islam and the Medieval West
Islam and the Medieval West (June 1979)
Stanley Ferber - Editor

Illustrated catalogue of crafts exhibition and collection of papers of the Ninth Annual Conference of the Center for Medieval and Early Renaissance Studies, SUNY Binghamton, May 1975.

“A descriptive entry and an illustration—seven in excellent color reproductions—of each of the more than 125 objects in various media that were included in the show … The five specialists’ papers that precede ...(Read More)
Islamic Philosophical Theology
Islamic Philosophical Theology (June 1979)
Parviz Morewedge - Editor

Leading Islamic scholars present eleven essays on the major themes of: The Greek Philosophical Tradition and Islamic Theology, Classical Islamic Theology and the Early Shi‘a Movement, The Development of Philosophical and Mystical Theology, and Contemporary Research in Philosophical Theology and Science. Parviz Morewedge, in the introduction, brings into focus the relationship of the studies, many of which relate to philosophical and th...(Read More)
Love Theory in Later Hanbalite Islam
Love Theory in Later Hanbalite Islam (June 1979)
Joseph N. Bell - Author

Low-Key Politics
Low-Key Politics (June 1979)
Local-Level Leadership and Change in the Middle East
Richard T. Antoun - Author

Study of a Jordanian village, focusing on the choice of available political strategies.
Profits from Power
Profits from Power (June 1979)
Readings in Protection Rent and Violence-Controlling Enterprises
Frederick C. Lane - Author

Of the many sources of power, these essays deal with only one: physical violence and the threat of violence exerted by some men over others. Thus Frederic C. Lane introduces his essays on profits and protection rent, or the cost of protecting economic activities from the disruption of violence. With the theme of protection rent, Lane analyzes both particular cases, such as the development of trade in the West Indies and the prosperity of sixteenth-c...(Read More)
Shi'ite Islam
Shi'ite Islam (June 1979)
Sayyid Muḥammad Ḥusayn Ṭabāṭabā'ī - Author
Seyyed Hossein Nasr - Editor/translator

Despite a growing interest in the last hundred years in both orientalism and comparative religions, and the fact that there are over fifty million Shi'a Muslims, until now there has been no thorough and objective study of that part of Islam called Shi'ism for Western scholars. The present work provides a clear account of the origin, history, and doctrines of an important sector of the Muslim religious community. It is written by a distinguished lead...(Read More)
The Hajj Today
The Hajj Today (June 1979)
A Survey of the Contemporary Pilgrimage to Makkah
David E. Long - Author

The Qu'ran admonishes Muslims that "the pilgrimage to the temple is an obligation due to God from those who are able to journey there." Today over one and a half million pilgrims annually fulfill this Fifth Pillar of Islam, the Hajj. Saudi Arabia conquered the Hijaz in part to protect Hajjis from abuses in the management of the Hajj. How does that country now administer the religious event that brings so many people, often poor and illiterate, in...(Read More)
The Precious Pearl
The Precious Pearl (June 1979)
'Abd al-Rahman al-Jami - Author
Nicholas Heer - Translator

In this book al-Jami examines questions that Islamic theologians, philosophers, and Sufis had long debated. On each question al-Jami first presents the views of the philosphers and theologians. He then presents the Sufi view as a clearly superior position, either because it reconciles the opposing views of the theologians and philosophers, or because it avoids problems that their doctrines entail.

Nur al-Din al-Rahn al-Jami was born in...(Read More)
The Unknown Light
The Unknown Light (June 1979)
Fray Luis de Leon - Author
Willis Barnstone - Editor/translator

This bilingual edition is the first complete English-language collection of poems by this Golden Age writer, considered one of the masters of Spanish literature. Includes León’s own preface and tributes to Garcia Lorca and Aleixandre. Barnstone’s introduction discusses León’s mystical symbols and visions.

“Fray Luis de León (1527–1591), an Augustinian monk of converso o...(Read More)
Whitehead's Organic Philosophy of Science
Whitehead's Organic Philosophy of Science (June 1979)
Ann L. Plamondon - Author

A new approach to Whitehead’s philosophy of science, relating his mature metaphysical system to contemporary discussions in the philosophy of science.

“An interestingly different perspective on basic current issues.” — CHOICE

“This essay throws new light on Alfred North Whitehead’s philosophy of science and on its contemporary relevance … The res...(Read More)
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