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Humors, Hormones, and Neurosecretions
Humors, Hormones, and Neurosecretions (June 1962)
Chandler McC. Brooks - Editor

The concept of humoral control—the direction of bodily processes by complex organic fluids—has gained ascendancy in recent decades, and enlisted the interest of more than humoral specialists. The present summary of current humoral research accordingly pays particular attention to its bearing on physiological theory, and its contribution to our general knowledge of the integrative forces which maintain the unity of the individual....(Read More)
James Joyce's Manuscripts and Letters at the University of Buffalo
James Joyce's Manuscripts and Letters at the University of Buffalo (June 1962)
A Catalogue
Peter Spielberg - Compiled and with an Introduction by

The approximately 20,000 pages of Joyce manuscripts and letters in the Lockwood Memorial Library of the University of Buffalo here catalogued by Dr. Spielberg offer scholars and critics much unpublished and unsifted material for the explication and examination of Joyce’s individual works, as well as the raw material necessary for a detailed exploration of James Joyce’s creative process.

The scope of the Buff...(Read More)
The Case for Shakespeare's Authorship of The Famous Victories, with the Complete Text of the Anonymous Play
The Case for Shakespeare's Authorship of The Famous Victories, with the Complete Text of the Anonymous Play (June 1961)
Seymour M. Pitcher - Author

In the opinion of the author, the anonymous sixteenth-century playscript entitled “The Famous Victories of Henry the Fifth” is actually one of the first efforts by the young but spirited dramatist, William Shakespeare. Produced about 1586—when the still unknown playwright-actor was 22 years old—the play in question is neither poetic nor highly distinguished. But Professor Pitcher, an ardent Shakespearean scholar, here...(Read More)
The Chautauqua Movement
The Chautauqua Movement (June 1961)
An Episode in the Continuing American Revolution
Joseph E. Gould - Author

From its inception in 1874 down to the close of World War I, the widespread popularity of the Chautauqua movement constituted one of the most dramatic episodes in the history of American adult education.

Started by two Ohio men as a summer camp or assembly to train Sunday school teachers in pleasant surroundings on Lake Chautauqua in Western New York, the project grew to university proportions on its home grounds and during ...(Read More)
Transformation of Austrian Socialism,The
Transformation of Austrian Socialism,The (June 1961)
Kurt Leo Shell - Author

As most political observers know, the powerful socialist parties of Western and Central Europe are facing a profound crisis due to their departure from the Marxist slogans of their youth and their increasing inability to define the meaning of “socialist” goals in the prosperous mixed economy of individual enterprise and welfare state now in full blast in most European countries.

In Dr. Shell’s judgmen...(Read More)
Doctrine and Poetry
Doctrine and Poetry (June 1959)
Augustine's Influence on Old English Poetry
Bernard F. Huppe - Author

To our modern sensibilities, "doctrine" and "poetry" may seem antithetical, but the medieval Christian found nothing conflicting in them. In this provocative book, Bernard F. Huppe outlines the influence of Augustinian doctrine upon old English poetry and shows that their association was so close as to be indissoluble.

Augustinian literary doctrine, religious in its orientation, held that the purpose of literature is the promotion of charity...(Read More)
Naturalism and Subjectivism
Naturalism and Subjectivism (June 1959)
Marvin Farber - Author

This book will assist readers of philosophical literature to understand and to appraise a large section of the controversial philosophical thought of our time. The central theme is the conflict between naturalism and idealism. The idealist philosophy is considered in its historical outcome of subjectivism, as developed in the phenomenological movement. The use of phenomenology is discussed as a general philosophy, as well as with respect to ...(Read More)
Funny, It Doesn't Sound Jewish
Funny, It Doesn't Sound Jewish
Replacement CD
Jack Gottlieb - Author

Companion CD to Funny, It Doesn’t Sound Jewish, which documents the influence of Jewish music on American popular song.

This is the companion CD to Funny, It Doesn’t Sound Jewish, in which Jack Gottlieb chronicles how Jewish songwriters and composers transformed the popular music of mid-twentieth-century America. Although many critics, historians, and musicians have alluded to the Je...(Read More)
Go, Tell Michelle
Go, Tell Michelle
African American Women Write to the First Lady, Audiobook, Unabridged and Expanded
Barbara A. Seals Nevergold - Editor
Peggy Brooks-Bertram - Editor

Passionate, shattering, and tender, this astonishing audiobook gathers together letters to Michelle Obama, written by African American and African women. Responding to a call from the Uncrowned Queens Institute in Buffalo, New York, hundreds of African American women shared their hopes, fears, and advice with the First Lady. Their letters and poems signal an unprecedented moment in our nation’s history and a remarkable opportunity for Africa...(Read More)
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