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After Freud
After Freud (June 1981)
Mary Elsie Robertson - Author

After Freud is the first novel truly to one-up Freudian insights with feminist ones, and in a fresh, witty manner. As a writer, Mary Elsie Robertson is a real craftswoman; hers is an original, hilarious, moving, and very American voice.”

Thus Robin Morgan (Contributing Editor, Ms. Magazine) describes Mary Elsie Robertson's Novel about a world which is after Freud and yet which is all too often...(Read More)
Aristotle (June 1981)
The Collected Papers of Joseph Owens
Joseph Owens - Author
John R. Catan - Editor

“Great philosophers as well as great artists have the gift of inspiring profoundly different conceptions and meaning in the individuals who contemplate their work,” writes Joseph Owens. Even now, twenty-three centuries after the philosopher's death, the study of Aristotle continues to challenge us and to broaden our intellectual outlook.

In this volume, John R. Catan has gathered together 18 major essays by th...(Read More)
B'nai B'rith and the Challenge of Ethnic Leadership
B'nai B'rith and the Challenge of Ethnic Leadership (June 1981)
Deborah Dash Moore - Author

B'nai B'rith has a history almost as diverse as the story of American Jewry itself. The oldest secular Jewish organization in the United States, it was founded in 1843. Thereafter, it followed in the footsteps of its immigrant founders, spreading into the cities, towns, and villages of America, eventually becoming the worldwide order it is today.

What is more, B'nai B'rith's physical expansion was...(Read More)
Class, Politics, and Early Industrial Capitalism
Class, Politics, and Early Industrial Capitalism (June 1981)
A Study of Mid-Nineteenth Century Toulouse, France
Ronald Aminzade - Author

Ronald Aminzade provides an original analysis of how the development of early industrial capitalism transformed the political landscape in mid-nineteenth-century France and gave rise to the revolutionary political upheavals of 1848 and 1871. In a detailed local case study of the city of Toulouse, the author carefully documents how the developing solidarities and antagonisms of social class were reflected in the changing character of working-class a...(Read More)
Colossal Cataract
Colossal Cataract (June 1981)
The Geologic History of Niagara Falls
Irving H. Tesmer - Editor

For the reader who wants to extend appreciation of the “Thunder of Waters” to a deeper knowledge of the geological formation of Niagara Falls, Colossal Cataract is the guide.

In 1975 a group of distinguished American and Canadian geologists agreed to pool their knowledge to write about the geologically fascinating resource they shared. Colossal Cataract is the result of their five-year collaboration t...(Read More)
Consecrate Every Day
Consecrate Every Day (June 1981)
The Public Lives of Jewish American Women, 1880-1980
June Sochen - Author

Contemporary French Culture and Society
Contemporary French Culture and Society (June 1981)
Georges Santoni - Editor

No descriptive copy available.
Evolution: Genesis and Revelations
Evolution: Genesis and Revelations (June 1981)
With Readings from Empedocles to Wilson
C. Leon Harris - Editor

"In teaching, I have often wished that someone would bring together many of the primary source readings which Harris has compiled. Equally valuable is his fresh and exuberant approach, in which familiar questions take on new dimensions. I find this book exciting and likely to stimulate classroom discussion." -- Professor Jane Maienschein, Dickenson College

In this comprehensive history of evolutionism, C. Leon Harris has combined primary sour...(Read More)
From Niagara to Montauk
From Niagara to Montauk (June 1981)
The Scenic Pleasures of New York State
C. R. Roseberry - Author

New York State offers a variety of spectacular natural settings—mountains and valleys, lakes, rivers, and sea and shore. Provided here is the historical and geologic background necessary for the full enjoyment of these scenic pleasures. Both native and visitor alike will appreciate the local lore surrounding our most fascinating scenic localities, and the geologic information will enhance their delight in each panorama. Included are: Niagara, ...(Read More)
Gleanings in Europe
Gleanings in Europe (June 1981)
James Fenimore Cooper - Author
Donald A. Ringe - Historical introduction and notes
Kenneth W. Staggs - Historical introduction, notes, and text
James P. Elliott - Text established by
Robert D. Madison - Text established by

A contemporaneous reviewer called James Fenimore Cooper's England "unquestionably the most searching and thoughtful, not TO say philosophical of any" of the books "published by an American on England.
"Another cited with approval the "potent causticity" with which a fellow reviewer "develope[d] the gangrene of the author's mind in its most foul and diseased state."

Such were the ext...(Read More)
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