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Reshaping of the National Labor Board
Reshaping of the National Labor Board (June 1982)
James A. Gross - Author

In this volume, covering the years 1937–1947, James A. Gross describes and analyzes the NLRB’s vigorous and uncompromising enforcement of the Wagner Act and the intense political pressure to which the Board was subjected as a consequence. He identifies and examines the forces that succeeded in pressuring the NLRB out of its essential role in the making of U.S. labor policy.

This is the story of the transforma...(Read More)
Shock Tubes and Waves
Shock Tubes and Waves (June 1982)
Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Symposium on Shock Tubes and Waves
Charles E. Treanor - Author
J. Gordon Hall - Author

The Emergence of Industrial America
The Emergence of Industrial America (June 1982)
Strategic Factors in American Economic Growth Since 1870
Peter George - Author

This book contains a series of interpretive essays on the most dramatic aspects of American economic growth during the last century--the sweeping technological and organizational changes in manufacturing and agriculture and their profound economic and social consequences. The overall focus is the maturing of the American economy from a classic market economy, based primarily on small units of production and private enterprise, through the growth of...(Read More)
The Ideology of Administration
The Ideology of Administration (June 1982)
American and Soviet Cases
Michael E. Urban - Author

Despite their differences, the USA and the USSR converge in many aspects of one ideology: the ideology of administration, which would convert issues of power and privilege into issues to be resolved by technical experts. This is demonstrated in Michael E. Urban's study of the ideology of administration in the United States and the former Soviet Union.

Dr. Urban interviewed some 61 Soviet and American officials and analyzed published and unpu...(Read More)
Versions of Survival
Versions of Survival (June 1982)
The Holocaust and the Human Spirit
Lawrence L. Langer - Author

Versions of Survival focuses on the efforts to rehabilitate the human image after it has been tempered in the crucible of the Holocaust. It examines the ways in which psychology,
language, and literary art distort or illuminate that effort. It insists on the importance of confronting the inhuman, to say nothing of the unthinkable, when probing survival during the Holocaust and the sources of man's moral being.

The ...(Read More)
Mediaevalia Volume #8, Issue #1
Mediaevalia Volume #8, Issue #1 (1982)

ACTA Volume #9
ACTA Volume #9 (January 1982)
The Early Renaissance
Anthony L. Pellegrini - Editor

A Shi'ite Anthology
A Shi'ite Anthology (June 1981)
William C. Chittick - Editor/translator

Created by the Prophet Muhammad and his twelve Imams, the Hadith is an ancient and profoundly influential body of religious texts in Shi'ite Muslim literature, second in importance only to the Holy Koran itself.

Texts on the practical aspects of life and pure metaphysics are included in this first English translations of excerpts from the Hadith. Especially selected for the Western reader by the renowned Islamic scholar Tabataba'i, the passa...(Read More)
A Voice That Spoke for Justice
A Voice That Spoke for Justice (June 1981)
The Life and Times of Stephen S. Wise
Melvin I. Urofsky - Author

In the first half of this century, a talented and charismatic leadership restructured the American Jewish community to meet the demands and opportunities of a pluralistic, secular society. The work of this generation of titans still guides the current modes of American Jewish life. The last of these giants was the influential reformer Stephen S. Wise--a progenitor of American Zionism, creator of the American and World Jewish Congresses, and founder ...(Read More)
A Woman's Place
A Woman's Place (June 1981)
Rhetoric and Readings for Composing Yourself and Your Prose
Shirley Morahan - Author

A truly liberated rhetoric and reader has at last become available to courses in composition, with the publication of A Woman’s Place. This unique textbook explores the notion of writing as self-definition and, as a consequence, the relationship between gender and writing.

Convinced that writing is a meaningful process, performed with commitment, Dr. Morahan has created a course that simultaneously sharpen...(Read More)
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