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The Remaking of Pittsburgh
The Remaking of Pittsburgh (June 1984)
Class and Culture in an Industrializing City, 1877-1919
Francis G. Couvares - Author

What forces transformed a community in which industrial workers and other citizens exercised a real measure of power over their lives into a metropolis whose inhabitants were utterly dependent on Big Steel? How did a city that fervidly embraced the labor struggle of 1877 turn into the city which so fiercely repudiated the labor struggle of 1919?

The Remaking of Pittsburgh is the history of this transformation. The cu...(Read More)
The Soviet Budget
The Soviet Budget (June 1984)
Raymond Hutchings - Author

How much does the Soviet Union spend on defense, economic development, social welfare, and education? How does it finance the enormous scale of its expenditures under all these heads? What typical sequences are disclosed, and how do they mesh with other types of behavior in the Soviet economy? Can one even believe the official figures? If so, what do they tell us? If not, in which directions may they need to be corrected? Ha...(Read More)
The State in Socialist Society
The State in Socialist Society (June 1984)
Neil Harding - Editor

The focus of all the essays in this collection is the problem of state power in Communist regimes. The problematic nature of the relationship between state and society has troubled the marxist tradition since its inception and continues to be an unresolved issue for its contemporary theorists. Western attempts to characterise the state formations of Communist regimes are equally notoriously debatable and fraught with methodological problems. Both in...(Read More)
The Sufi Path of Love
The Sufi Path of Love (June 1984)
The Spiritual Teachings of Rumi
William C. Chittick - Author

This is the most accessible work in English on the greatest mystical poet of Islam, providing a survey of the basic Sufi and Islamic doctrines concerning God and the world, the role of man in the cosmos, the need for religion, man's ultimate becoming, the states and stations of the mystical ascent to God, and the means whereby literature employs symbols to express "unseen" realities. William Chittick translates into English for the first time certa...(Read More)
The World of Yesterday's Humanist Today
The World of Yesterday's Humanist Today (June 1984)
Proceedings of the Stefan Zweig Symposium
Marion Sonnenfeld - Editor

Fifty years ago, Stefan Zweig, who committed suicide in 1942, was the most widely read and translated living writer in the world. Zweig’s Vienna was a world of bright, brittle superficialities, in which the bourgeoisie “gradually elevated the eternal business of seeing and being seen to the purpose of the existence.” To break through the facades of this society, Zweig developed a remarkable literary and psychological method....(Read More)
True Sisterhood
True Sisterhood (June 1984)
Michigan Women and Their Kin, 1820-1920
Marilyn F. Motz - Author

"Home and family," for a woman of the nineteenth century, represented a sphere much broader than the term implies today. A woman's duties as sister and daughter continued, basically unchanged, even after she had assumed the roles of wife and mother. This created a female-centered kin network which went far beyond the fragile nuclear family, and which insured lifelong security in what men and women viewed as an essentially hostile world.

The...(Read More)
Unreality and Time
Unreality and Time (June 1984)
Robert S. Brumbaugh - Author

"The understanding of time proves an even more complex enterprise than any past explanatory definitions, models, or metaphors have suggested. Such an understanding, however, promises to give us more insight and control than the history of past discussions of time would have allowed us to hope." -- Robert S. Brumbaugh

This book recognizes and questions a key assumption about time which is shared by common sense and philosophy-- the assumption...(Read More)
Urban Growth in Colonial Rhode Island
Urban Growth in Colonial Rhode Island (June 1984)
Newport and Providence in the Eighteenth Century
Lynne Withey - Author

By the early decades of the eighteenth century, Rhode Island had developed a commercial economy with not one, but two centers. Urban Growth in Colonial Rhode Island is the tale of these two cities: Newport, fifth largest city in the colonies, and the much smaller Providence. This absorbing history of two interdependent cities in a restricted region shows how they developed, competed with each other, and eventually traded places as major and ...(Read More)
What Should Political Theory Be Now?
What Should Political Theory Be Now? (June 1984)
John S. Nelson - Editor

Confronted with the alienation of political theory from the practice of politics, prominent theorists respond in this book to the growing question: What should political theory be now? New and original contributions by such thinkers as Charles Anderson, John Gunnell, Terence Ball, Paul Kress, Ira Strauber, and William Connolly analyze the current malaise in the field and offer remedies for it. Each contribution is at once an argument about what i...(Read More)
William James
William James (June 1984)
The Essential Writings
Bruce Wilshire - Editor

The importance of this collection of writings of William James lies in the fact that it has been arranged to provide a systematic introduction to his major philosophical discoveries, and precisely to those doctrines and theories that are of most burning current interest. William James: The Essential Writings is a series of philosophical arguments on some of the most "obscure and head-cracking problems" in contemporary philosophy; the ...(Read More)
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