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Women's Education in the Third World
Women's Education in the Third World (June 1983)
Comparative Perspectives
Gail P. Kelly - Editor
Carolyn M. Elliott - Editor

Gail Kelly and Carolyn Elliott have assembled the latest and best available scholarship from a range of disciplines to illuminate the determinants, nature, and outcomes of women's education in third World nations. This study focuses on the undereducation of women in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, delving into its causes, changes in female education patterns and the significance of these changes to societies and to women's lives. ...(Read More)
Mediaevalia Volume #9, Issue #1
Mediaevalia Volume #9, Issue #1 (1983)

ACTA Volume #10
ACTA Volume #10 (January 1983)
Text and Image
David W. Burchmore - Editor

A Theory of Art
A Theory of Art (June 1982)
Inexhaustibility by Contrast
Stephen David Ross - Author

The richness of art is manifested in contrast: contrast with other works of art, other features of human experience, other times and places, and other forms of judgment and understanding. The possibilities of contrast are inexhaustible. Every being shares this inexhaustibility of openness to novel possibilities, although inexhaustibility is most fully realized in art.

The general theory of art and aesthetic value developed in this book is ...(Read More)
Assessing Organizational Effectiveness
Assessing Organizational Effectiveness (June 1982)
Systems Change, Adaptation, and Strategy
Raymond F. Zammuto - Author

In this study, Raymond Zammuto has cast the concept of organizational effectiveness within the framework of societal evolution. He thus takes into account evolving needs, expectations, and environmental constraints and examines the continual process of becoming, rather than being, effective.

The evaluative and managerial implications of this evolutionary model are brought out in two case studies: federally funded “phys...(Read More)
Contemporary Islam and the Challenge of History
Contemporary Islam and the Challenge of History (June 1982)
Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad - Author

The economic, social, political, military, and intellectual aspects of the Muslims’ concern for history reveal the general structure of their perception of reality.
Electromagnetism and Life
Electromagnetism and Life (June 1982)
Robert O. Becker - Author

The environment is now thoroughly polluted by man-made sources of electromagnetic radiation with frequencies and magnitudes never before present. Man’s activities have probably changed the earth’s electromagnetic background to a greater degree than they have changed any other natural physical attribute of the earth. The evidence now indicates that the present abnormal electromagnetic environment constitutes a significant health ris...(Read More)
Fathers and Sons in Virgil's Aeneid
Fathers and Sons in Virgil's Aeneid (June 1982)
Tum Genitor Natum
M. Owen Lee - Author

Narrative summary of Virgil’s epic poem.

In this book, M. Owen Lee provides a comprehensive narrative summary of Virgil’s Aeneid and a personal account of his experience with the epic poem. Noting that Virgil is the writer most Latinists read early, live with, and often come to love late, Lee expresses a clear devotion to the poet’s work and relates how it has touched him throughout his lif...(Read More)
Love Canal
Love Canal (June 1982)
My Story
Lois Marie Gibbs - Author
Murray Levine - Author

The inspiring story of a seemingly ordinary woman who led one of the most successful, single-purpose, grassroots efforts of our time.

“I want to tell you my story because I believe that ordinary citizens using the tools of dignity, self-respect, common sense, and perseverance can influence solutions to important problems in our society.” — Lois Marie Gibbs, from Chapter One

...(Read More)
Managing Large Research and Development Programs
Managing Large Research and Development Programs (June 1982)
Henry W. Lane - Editor
Rodney G. Beddows - Editor
Paul R. Lawrence - Editor

Today's society sorely needs the innovations that are the intended fruit of large institutions' research and development programs. Yet, to date, the complicated process of R&D management holds a track record that is far from impressive.

The task of R&D managers is to channel and direct a complex process involving scientific, political, and social groups with differing values and goals. And this must be do...(Read More)
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