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The Quest for Wholeness
The Quest for Wholeness (June 1983)
Carl G. Vaught - Author

"This book has been written for the artist, for the theologian, and for the philosopher, each of whom must be concerned with the question, "What does it mean to be human?" But at a deeper level, it is written for any reader who knows what it means to be fragmented, and who is willing to undertake a quest for wholeness in experiential and reflective terms." -- from the Preface

The Quest for Wholeness is a philosophic odyssey into humank...(Read More)
The Slayers of Moses
The Slayers of Moses (June 1983)
The Emergence of Rabbinic Interpretation in Modern Literary Theory
Susan A. Handelman - Author

In this groundbreaking study, Susan Handelman examines the theological roots of the modern science of interpretation. She defines current structures of thought and patterns of organizing reality, clearly distinguishes them from previously reigning Hellenic modes of abstract thought, and connects them with important elements of the Rabbinic interpretive tradition. Hers is the first comprehensive treatment of the undeniable, and undeniably significa...(Read More)
The Spirit of American Philosophy
The Spirit of American Philosophy (June 1983)
John Smith - Author

"Smith is the leading figure in the 'reconstruction' of American philosophy and his work is always informed, clear, forthright and philosophically sound. The Spirit of American Philosophy should be in the hands of every philosophy student. The essays are crisp and intelligent. The themes are crucial to contemporary philosophy of whatever persuasion." -- John J. McDermott, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Texas A & M University
...(Read More)
The Tao and the Daimon
The Tao and the Daimon (June 1983)
Segments of a Religious Inquiry
Robert Cummings Neville - Author

"Neville's most mature work, covering 20 years of deliberations on philosophical theology....This is perhaps the first important work on the interplay between the tao and the daimon." -- Kenneth K. Inada

"Neville's methodology is flawless....His sketch of a tao which would enable the religious scholar to penetrate non-Western religious insights in a meaningful way without having to become a devotee of the religion in question is brilliant." -...(Read More)
Translations of the Gospel Back into Tongues
Translations of the Gospel Back into Tongues (June 1983)
C. D. Wright - Author

“CD Wright’s is a poetry of  Southern mountain vision brought to the streets in a language of brilliant synaesthesia, colloquial warmth and laconic wit. These are unpredictable poems of jazz, dreams, domestic violence and ‘what is written on mirrors in Louisville.’ The territory is uniquely Wright’s, but borders that of James Agee and Diane Arbus: common, strange and filled with risk. Throughout these poems...(Read More)
Village Notables in Nineteenth-Century France
Village Notables in Nineteenth-Century France (June 1983)
Priests, Mayors, Schoolmasters
Barnett Singer - Author

Examines the role of village notables in nineteenth-century France.

Local priests, mayors, and schoolmasters have often been portrayed by French novelists as objects of ridicule. In reality, however, the village notables gave norms to the villagers in their communities and personified the community’s values. The influence of village notables and the values they preached and personified ensure their importance in any vi...(Read More)
What Were Little Girls and Boys Made Of?
What Were Little Girls and Boys Made Of? (June 1983)
Primary Education in Rural France, 1830-1880
Laura S. Strumingher - Author

Primary School Books were vehicles by which authors in nineteenth-century France hoped to shape the future. These authors, members of the middle class, believed in reason and progress and in their own ability to ascertain what was reasonable and to enforce progress. Not surprisingly, they did not always get the cooperation of the people whom they were trying to lead to a civilized life. Peasants, who made up the largest population of those n...(Read More)
When in Rome
When in Rome (June 1983)
An Introduction to Relativism and Knowledge
Nancy L. Gifford - Author

"The book deals with an issue that is intrinsically important (philosophical relativism) and with a topic that an introductory audience would find immediately interesting. In short, the author has succeeded in addressing a popular audience about an important problem that they will already be interested in because of the prevalence of relativism itself in contemporary culture." -- Carl G. Vaught, Pennsylvania State University

"A book of just ...(Read More)
Whitehead, Process Philosophy, and Education
Whitehead, Process Philosophy, and Education (June 1983)
Robert S. Brumbaugh - Author

This book shows clearly how philosophy can be applied to education in an effective manner. It is applied metaphysics in the fullest sense—a truly practical philosophy book.

Robert Brumbaugh shows convincingly how our current educational practices are based on a metaphysics derived from seventeenth-century physics. Our modern understanding of reality implies a very different view of education and very different edu...(Read More)
William Blake and the Moderns
William Blake and the Moderns (June 1983)
Robert J. Bertholf - Editor
Annette S. Levitt - Editor

Robert Bertholf and Annette Levitt have assembled thirteen essays that establish Blake as a "central voice molding modern literature and thought." The essays in this volume examine Blake's influence on modern poetry, the modern novel, and modern thought from various critical approaches. This collection maps out the lines of direct literary influences and indirect intellectual affinities that make up the tradition of enactedform. Through the use o...(Read More)
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