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At the Crossroads
At the Crossroads (June 1984)
Essays on Ahad Ha'am
Jacques Kornberg - Editor

A founding father of modern Israel, Ahad Ha-am (1856-1927) was one of the shapers of the contemporary Zionist consciousness. His career spanned the era of Russian Jewry's nationalist awakening. During the last decade of the nineteenth century, he was the leading theorist of the Russian Zionist movement. Afterwards, he was overshadowed by Theodore Herzl, who imposed his own stamp on Zionism. With the failure of Herzl's diplomacy and his ...(Read More)
Between Elite and Mass Education
Between Elite and Mass Education (June 1984)
Education in the Federal Republic of Germany
Max Planck Institute - Editor

Major changes in education have taken place in West Germany over the past three decades. The experience of the Federal Republic differs from that of its European neighbors, since it was conditioned by postwar efforts of the occupying powers to impose a new model of education: the American comprehensive secondary school. Yet the traditional American educational system is at the extreme of what could be called “mass education,” whe...(Read More)
Bruno, or On the Natural and Divine Principle of Things
Bruno, or On the Natural and Divine Principle of Things (June 1984)
F. W. J. Schelling - Author
Michael G. Vater - Editor

“Vater is one of the most knowledgeable persons in the English-speaking world on the thought of the early Schelling (up to and including the period of this dialogue he has translated). There exists in English no truly detailed account of Schelling's identity-philosophy. Vater's very fine introduction, and his extensive notes to the translation, do a great deal to fill this gap.” — Robert F. Brown, University of Delaware
<...(Read More)
Buddhism and American Thinkers
Buddhism and American Thinkers (June 1984)
Kenneth K. Inada - Editor
Nolan P. Jacobson - Editor

In Buddhism and American Thinkers, leading scholars explore Buddhist influences on the currents of American thought. The essays presented here advance a continuing dialogue between East and West and show how Buddhism has made ever-deepening penetrations into the very substratum of American thinking. Contributors to this volume share a concern with ideas that constitute a common core of Buddhist and American philosophy. Each relates Buddhism t...(Read More)
Campaigns Against Corporal Punishment
Campaigns Against Corporal Punishment (June 1984)
Prisoners, Sailors, Women, and Children in Antebellum America
Myra C. Glenn - Author

Campaigns against Corporal Punishment explores the theory and practice of punishment in Antebellum America from a broad, comparative perspective. It probes the concerns underlying the naval, prison, domestic, and educational reform campaigns which occurred in New England and New York from the late 1820s to the late 1850s. Focusing on the common forms of physical punishment inflicted on seamen, prisoners, women, and children, the book reveal...(Read More)
Classification in Social Research
Classification in Social Research (June 1984)
Ramkrishna Mukherjee - Author

This important work is addressed to all researchers concerned with classification. It shows the serious limits of the traditional form of analytical classification. The solution it proposes, the inductive population approach, considers all possible cross-classifications in regard to attributes of the phenomena. This approach is theoretically grounded, avoids the tendency to generate excessively abstract constructs, and provides a clear way of linkin...(Read More)
Communication in Interpersonal Relationships
Communication in Interpersonal Relationships (June 1984)
Donald P. Cushman - Editor
Dudley D. Cahn - Editor

This book discusses communication principles, processes, and skills from four different perspectives by explaining four related propositions. First, human communication is guided by socially established rules, the knowledge of which allows interacting persons to exert influence over the outcome of their interactions. Second, self concepts are formed and sustained in our interactions with others. Third, the formation of sustained interpersonal rel...(Read More)
Crime Control in Britain
Crime Control in Britain (June 1984)
A Review of Policy Research
Ronald V. Clarke - Editor
Derek B. Cornish - Editor

Crime Control in Britain presents the results of the major criminological research carried out over the last 25 years by the Home Office Research Unit, a multidisciplinary body of social scientists located in the central governmental department of Great Britain. Its contents consist of journal articles, extracts from monographs, and original papers, presented in the form of a reader which places the research in the proper historical...(Read More)
Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy II
Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy II (June 1984)
John P. Anton - Editor
Anthony Preus - Editor

Essays in Ancient Greek Philosophy, Volume Two, reflects the refinements in scholarship and philosophical analysis that have impacted classical philosophy in recent years. It is a selection of the best papers presented at the annual meetings of the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy during the last decade. The papers presented indicate a shift in accent from a predominant preference for the application of linguistic methods in the study of t...(Read More)
Excesses (June 1984)
Eros and Culture
Alphonso Lingis - Author

Excesses is a very successful attempt to break out of the closets in which we conceptualize our identity and our eros. Lingis has travelled to, and participated in, some of the last remaining oases of "primitive" cultures. He combines an obvious poet's eye with a not-so-obvious philosophical ability to discriminate systematically and to generalize. We are helped to see the shape--and limitations--of one of our own cultural identity through...(Read More)
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