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Between the Flag and the Banner
Between the Flag and the Banner (November 1996)
Women in Israeli Politics
Yael Yishai - Author

This first comprehensive study of the political life of Israeli women looks at political participation, political identity, women's political organizations, and public policy regarding women.

Because Israel has endured perennial armed conflict, its national agenda places overriding importance on national security and family life. At the same time, Israel is a democracy that fosters equality for all its citizens. Thus Isr...(Read More)
Land of Paradoxes
Land of Paradoxes (September 1991)
Interest Politics in Israel
Yael Yishai - Author

This book examines the structure of Israeli interest groups, their strategies, their effectiveness, and their relations with state organizations and political parties. It addresses such important questions as the following. What are the links between political parties and interest groups? What are the attitudes of senior state officials toward interest groups? Why do interest groups influence public policy and to what extent? Are some groups mo...(Read More)
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