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The Time of Life
The Time of Life (June 2006)
Heidegger and Ethos
William McNeill - Author

Explores the notion of ēthos in Heidegger’s thought.

The Time of Life explores Heidegger’s rethinking of ethics and of the ethical in terms of an understanding of the original Greek notion of ēthos. Engaging the ethical in Heidegger’s thought in relation to Aristotle, Michel Foucault, and Friedrich Hölderlin, William McNeill examines the way in which He...(Read More)
The Glance of the Eye
The Glance of the Eye (March 1999)
Heidegger, Aristotle, and the Ends of Theory
William McNeill - Author

Argues that Heidegger's early reading of Aristotle provides him with a critical resource for addressing the problematic domination of theoretical knowledge in Western civilization.
William McNeill explores the phenomenon of the Augenblick, or "glance of the eye," in Heidegger's thought, and in particular its relation to the primacy of seeing and of theoretical apprehending (theoria) both in Aristotle and in the philosophical...(Read More)
Heidegger and the Essence of Man
Heidegger and the Essence of Man (September 1993)
Michel Haar - Author
William McNeill - Translator
Herbert L. Dreyfus - Foreword by

Michel Haar argues that Heidegger went too far in transferring all traditional properties of man to being. Haar examines what is left, after this displacement, not only of human identity, but perhaps more importantly, of nature, life, embodiment--of the flesh of human existence. This sensitive yet critical reading of Heidegger raises such issues in relation to questions of language, technology, human freedom, and history. In doing so, it provides...(Read More)
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