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Wonder Strikes
Wonder Strikes (July 2022)
Approaching Aesthetics and Literature with William Desmond
Steven E. Knepper - Author
William Desmond - Foreword by

The William Desmond Reader
The William Desmond Reader (September 2012)
William Desmond - Author
Christopher Ben Simpson - Edited and with an introduction by
John D. Caputo - Foreword by

Career-spanning selections from the writings of William Desmond.

Known especially for his original system of metaphysics in a trilogy of books published between 1995 and 2008, and for his scholarship on Hegel, William Desmond has left his mark on the philosophy of religion, ethics, and aesthetics. The William Desmond Reader provides for the first time in a single book a point of entry into his original an...(Read More)
Art, Origins, Otherness
Art, Origins, Otherness (August 2003)
Between Philosophy and Art
William Desmond - Author

Addresses the end of art and the task of metaphysics.

Though our time is often said to be post-religious and post-metaphysical, many continue to seek some encounter with otherness and transcendence in art. This book deals diversely with the issues of art, origins, and otherness, both in themselves and in philosophical engagements with the works of Plato, Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, and Heidegger. Addressing ...(Read More)
Ethics and the Between
Ethics and the Between (January 2001)
William Desmond - Author

Articulates the necessity for a comprehensive reconstructive thinking about the meaning of being good.

In Ethics and the Between William Desmond addresses our current perplexities regarding the devaluation of being in modernity and the shadow of ethical nihilism. He rethinks the sources of value, the diverse ethical ways, the nature of ethical selving and communities, and articulates the necessity for a compreh...(Read More)
Being and Dialectic
Being and Dialectic (July 2000)
Metaphysics as a Cultural Presence
William Desmond - Editor
Joseph Grange - Editor

Diverse voices explore the possibility of doing metaphysics in light of contemporary critiques.

Philosophy without metaphysics is unthinkable, yet there has been much discussion of this--the end of metaphysics, or post-metaphysical thinking. This book takes issue with this proclamation of the end of metaphysics. It offers diverse arguments that metaphysics cannot be put behind us and has its own continuing contribution to the life of h...(Read More)
The Weight of Finitude
The Weight of Finitude (August 1999)
On the Philosophical Question of God
Ludwig Heyde - Author
Alexander Harmsen - Translator
William Desmond - Translator

Suggests that a full acceptance of the finitude of existence can lead to the affirmation of God.

Ludwig Heyde's award winning examination of the weight of finitude and its relation to God is translated here for the first time in English. Though philosophers may question if there still is room for God in philosophy after Nietzsche's pronouncement that "God is dead," Heyde suggests that a full acceptance of the finitude o...(Read More)
Perplexity and Ultimacy
Perplexity and Ultimacy (August 1995)
Metaphysical Thoughts from the Middle
William Desmond - Author

Desmond explores perplexity regarding ultimacy--the metaphysical perplexity that precedes and exceeds scientific and commonsense curiosity.
Desmond writes about the metaphysical perplexity that cannot be identified with scientific or commonsense curiosity. This perplexity is in another dimension of thought, asking questions about what precedes and exceeds the determinate intelligibilities of science and common sense. Desmond explores what...(Read More)
Being and the Between
Being and the Between (March 1995)
William Desmond - Author

This is the culmination of a systematic metaphysics written by a world-class philosopher, demonstrating the need for a renewal of metaphysics.

As Plato told us long ago, the human being is neither a god nor a beast, but someone in between. Philosophy too is in between. How do we philosophize in between? W hat is the being of the between? This book answers the question in the most comprehensive terms possible. It offers a...(Read More)
Beyond Hegel and Dialectic
Beyond Hegel and Dialectic (July 1992)
Speculation, Cult, and Comedy
William Desmond - Author

"I find the book utterly fascinating to read. It is fresh and challenging."-- Merold Westphal

"It is highly original and well written. It is free of all Hegelian, Scholastic jargon and as a result the reader is drawn into the narrative and thinks along with the author. It takes a fresh look at Hegel." -- Donald Verene

This book is a defense of speculative philosophy in the wake...(Read More)
Philosophy and Its Others
Philosophy and Its Others (July 1990)
Ways of Being and Mind
William Desmond - Author

"I am impressed by this book's originality, its power of thought and imagination, its wisdom, its perceptiveness about matters large and small, its judiciousness. Desmond's comments concerning various figures and schools in the history of philosophy and culture, including the fashionable post-modernists and deconstructionists like Derrida, are marked by profound understanding, penetration, and critical acumen."
-- George L. Kline, Bryn Mawr Coll...(Read More)
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