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Redesigning Teaching
Redesigning Teaching (October 1992)
Professionalism or Bureaucracy?
William A. Firestone - Author
Beth D. Bader - Author

"The topic is absolutely central to the current debate of teacher professionalism and reform. The authors dig beneath the surface and provide insights and clarity about current reform attempts." -- Michael Fullan, University of Toronto

Redesigning Teaching provides concrete case studies of school districts implementing teacher reforms. The cases describe the changes, give the history and dynamics of each project, examine how teachers...(Read More)
Change and Effectiveness in Schools
Change and Effectiveness in Schools (August 1988)
A Cultural Perspective
Gretchen B. Rossman - Editor
Dick Corbett - Editor
William A. Firestone - Editor

The quest for more effective schools has perhaps never been more challenging than it is today. Here, the authors consider and investigate that challenge from the cultural perspective.

Rossman, Corbett, and Firestone examined three high schools in the midst of change. Teachers and administrators consented to grant the authors a year in each of their respective settings in order to understand better their unique system of norms, beliefs, and v...(Read More)
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