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Philology and Confrontation
Philology and Confrontation (October 1995)
Paul Hacker on Traditional and Modern Vedanta
Wilhelm Halbfass - Editor

"This collection of Paul Hacker's essays contains all those which I personally consider to be his most brilliant and fascinating ones. They have been translated here from German for the first time and will thus receive, at last, the attention they highly deserve, now that they will be accessible to a larger public." --L. Schmithausen, University of Hamburg

"A very useful collection of the writings of one of the most important t...(Read More)
On Being and What There Is
On Being and What There Is (July 1992)
Classical Vaisesika and the History of Indian Ontology
Wilhelm Halbfass - Author

"It is a comprehensive study of some of the most difficult and poorly understood--yet central--issues of classical Indian philosophy. It covers an amazingly broad range of texts, explaining and analyzing some materials that have never been studied. It offers a synthetic picture of Vaisaesontology and convincingly explicates its 'genius.'
"No one has ever explained the concepts of substance, being, and universal in Vaisaesas comprehensively and ...(Read More)
Tradition and Reflection
Tradition and Reflection (January 1991)
Explorations in Indian Thought
Wilhelm Halbfass - Author

“Halbfass treats areas of Indian philosophy which have not been treated systematically until now, the understanding of which is nonetheless very important for our understanding of India philosophy as a whole. His work marks an important shift in our awareness away from theories of reality and knowledge per se, toward the larger framework of hermeneutical reflection and human motivation within which those theories were devised. This is a ...(Read More)
India and Europe
India and Europe (September 1988)
An Essay in Understanding
Wilhelm Halbfass - Author

"Anyone concerned with India and its study stands in Halbfass' debt." -- Philosophy East and West

This book explores the intellectual encounter of India and the West from pre-Alexandrian antiquity until the present. It examines India's role in European philosophical thought, as well as the reception of European philosophy in Indian thought. Halbfass also considers the tension in India between a traditional and modern u...(Read More)
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