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Straight (January 2003)
Constructions of Heterosexuality in the Cinema
Wheeler Winston Dixon - Author

Explores the ways that stereotypes of heterosexuality are portrayed and constructed in film.

straight / 'strat (adj.) . . . without curves . . . correct . . . honest . . . not deviating from the normal . . . conventional . . . heterosexual

Practically all mainstream cinema is "straight," and has been since its inception. In Straight, Wheeler Winston Dixon explores how heteros...(Read More)
The Second Century of Cinema
The Second Century of Cinema (March 2000)
The Past and Future of the Moving Image
Wheeler Winston Dixon - Author

Contemplates the future of cinema in light of emerging digital technologies and new systems of distribution.

In a unique and perceptive look at the future of cinema, Wheeler Winston Dixon explores the possible effects of the digital age on the production and exhibition of films. Although Hollywood will seek to retain its dominance over the global presentation of entertainment, Dixon argues, a new vision of international access--a d...(Read More)
Film Genre 2000
Film Genre 2000 (February 2000)
New Critical Essays
Wheeler Winston Dixon - Editor

New essays by prominent film scholars address recent developments in American genre filmmaking.

Covering over 100 feature films in critical depth and detail, this reader provides an excellent introduction to American genre filmmaking since 1990. These previously unpublished essays by prominent film scholars each address a different film genre--from science fiction to romance to '90s noir--as well as the ways in which genre filmm...(Read More)
The Transparency of Spectacle
The Transparency of Spectacle (May 1998)
Meditations on the Moving Image
Wheeler Winston Dixon - Author

Considers the ephemeral nature of the cinematic experience as we now apprehend it, and examines the ways in which technological advances in film and moving image production have changed this experience over the course of the last thirty-odd years.

"This is an exciting book, bursting with insights and information on virtually every page. A vast range of films and an equally astonishing range of references combine to...(Read More)
The Exploding Eye
The Exploding Eye (October 1997)
A Re-Visionary History of 1960s American Experimental Cinema
Wheeler Winston Dixon - Author

Explores the work of lesser-known American experimental filmmakers whose films, though well-received and influential, have been excluded from the dominant film canon.

"This book brings together an extraordinary spectrum of filmmakers and documents that represent the spirit of a vital period in the history of American independent filmmaking and cinema in general. By letting these auteurs, in effect, speak for themselves and b...(Read More)
The Films of Jean-Luc Godard
The Films of Jean-Luc Godard (March 1997)
Wheeler Winston Dixon - Author

A generously illustrated overview of, and introduction to, the entirety of Godard's work as a filmmaker and video artist.

"Dixon has written an excellent book, thoroughly researched and documented and distinguished by insightful commentary and wonderful bagatelles. By performing an anatomy on the corpus of Godardian cinema, Dixon discovers not only that Godard has pronounced the death of cinema in his own films but also...(Read More)
It Looks At You
It Looks At You (January 1995)
The Returned Gaze of Cinema
Wheeler Winston Dixon - Author

This is a study of the "returned gaze" from the cinema screen, demonstrating that the films that we watch watch us, guide us, control our gaze, and enforce societal codes.

"I think this is a work of both brilliant synthesis and stunning originality." -- David Desser, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

This book is a study of one of the most insidious and pervasive phenomena in th...(Read More)
Re-Viewing British Cinema, 1900-1992
Re-Viewing British Cinema, 1900-1992 (July 1994)
Essays and Interviews
Wheeler Winston Dixon - Editor

"Rarely have I read an anthology in which all of the essays are so uniformly excellent, especially so consistently well written. Indeed, many of the essays read as if they spring from the same voice--an important part of the pleasure of this work. There has been a veritable boom in the U.S. and Britain recently of scholarship on the British cinema; this work will take its place at the top of this growing list." -- David Desser, University of Illinoi...(Read More)
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