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What Is Enlightenment
What Is Enlightenment (July 2010)
Can China Answer Kant's Question?
Wei Zhang - Author

A cross-cultural work that reinvigorates the consideration of enlightenment.

What is enlightenment? Wei Zhang brings together the fabled consideration of enlightenment by Kant, his contemporaries, and modern respondents such as Habermas and Foucault with the question “What is Chinese enlightenment?” Kant and his peers began a discussion of the notion of enlightenment in the pages of the Berlini...(Read More)
Heidegger, Rorty, and the Eastern Thinkers
Heidegger, Rorty, and the Eastern Thinkers (March 2006)
A Hermeneutics of Cross-Cultural Understanding
Wei Zhang - Author

Explores the cross-cultural endeavors of Rorty and Heidegger, particularly how this work addresses the possibilities of comparative philosophy itself.

Wei Zhang joins the ongoing hermeneutic quest for understanding and appropriating the East-West encounter and cross-cultural engagement by exploring Martin Heidegger’s and Richard Rorty’s cross-cultural encounters with Eastern thinkers. Zhang begins by ex...(Read More)
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