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Nietzsche and the Gods
Nietzsche and the Gods (October 2001)
Weaver Santaniello - Editor
John J. Stuhr - Foreword by

Examines Nietzsche's complex attitudes toward religion and his understanding of how particular religions and deities affect the intellectual, moral, and spiritual lives of their various proselytes and adherents.

"I have slain all gods--for the sake of morality!" -- Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Although often regarded as an atheist who did not take religion seriously, Nietzsche in fact thought deeply about the gods ...(Read More)
Nietzsche and Depth Psychology
Nietzsche and Depth Psychology (May 1999)
Jacob Golomb - Editor
Weaver Santaniello - Editor
Ronald Lehrer - Editor

Explores the psychological aspects of Nietzsche's thought and his influence on psychological thinkers such as Freud, Jung, and Adler.

Exploring the connections between Nietzsche's thought and depth psychology, this book sheds new light on the relation between psychology and philosophy. It examines the status and function of Nietzsche's psychological insights within the framework of his thought; explores the formative im...(Read More)
Nietzsche, God, and the Jews
Nietzsche, God, and the Jews (October 1994)
His Critique of Judeo-Christianity in Relation to the Nazi Myth
Weaver Santaniello - Author
David Tracy - Foreword by

Combining biography and a careful analysis of Nietzsche's writings from 1844-1900, this book explores Nietzsche's critique of Christianity, Judaism, and antisemitism. The first part of the book is concerned with psychological aspects and biographical elements. Part Two focuses on the ethical and political aspects of Nietzsche's views as presented in his mature writings: Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Toward the Genealogy of Morals, and the Ant...(Read More)
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