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Educational Knowledge
Educational Knowledge (January 2000)
Changing Relationships between the State, Civil Society, and the Educational Community
Thomas S. Popkewitz - Editor

An examination of educational reform and change throughout the world, focusing on how issues of power and governance within states affect school practice and policy-making.

Focusing on comparative examination of educational reforms, this book explores the relation of state practices and educational knowledge to changes in culture and economics among nations. Countries with different state traditions and political regimes are studied to...(Read More)
Changing Patterns of Power
Changing Patterns of Power (July 1993)
Social Regulation and Teacher Education Reform
Thomas S. Popkewitz - Editor

"I believe that the topic is ripe for such a sophisticated social and political analysis. There are other volumes about teacher education internationally, but few come close to providing the insights that can be gleaned from this book."-- Mark Ginsburg, Institute for International Studies in Education, University of Pittsburgh

"Educational reformers exhibit a degree of provincialism in outlook that is astounding. A book that deals with refo...(Read More)
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