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Taking America Off Drugs
Taking America Off Drugs (August 2007)
Why Behavioral Therapy is More Effective for Treating ADHD, OCD, Depression, and Other Psychological Problems
Stephen Ray Flora - Author

Argues for the superiority of behavioral treatments over drug therapies for psychological problems.

In this highly provocative book, Stephen Ray Flora maintains that we have been deceived into believing that whatever one’s psychological problem—from anxiety, anorexia, bulimia, depression, phobias, sleeping and sexual difficulties to schizophrenia—there is a drug to cure us. In contrast, he argues ...(Read More)
The Power of Reinforcement
The Power of Reinforcement (January 2004)
Stephen Ray Flora - Author

Choice Outstanding Academic Title

Makes the controversial argument that reinforcement is a real and valuable force in human behavior.

According to Stephen Ray Flora, reinforcement is a very powerful tool for improving the human condition despite often being dismissed as regarding people as less than human and as "overly simplistic." This book addresses and defends the use ...(Read More)
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