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Injustice and Restitution
Injustice and Restitution (October 1993)
The Ordinance of Time
Stephen David Ross - Author

"The scholarship that informs this book is both broad and deep, excavating and articulating the ideas of justice, law, authority, and community from ancient Greece to the present. The main contribution Ross makes, however, is that he brings this wealth of scholarship to bear upon some of the most acute socio-political problems of our time." -- Calvin O. Schrag, Purdue University

This book addresses the nature and injustice of authority, retr...(Read More)
The Ring of Representation
The Ring of Representation (July 1992)
Stephen David Ross - Author

This book asks how we may undertake to represent representation.

"It's the ambitious question of how philosophical representation can proceed once it ceases to be naive regarding its representational means. Can philosophy recognize its own limits? (What is a 'limit' in this case?) It is Heidegger's question concerning the 'overcoming' of metaphysics. It is implicitly posed by Kant's 1st Critique: what is the status of the critique itself...(Read More)
Metaphysical Aporia and Philosophical Heresy
Metaphysical Aporia and Philosophical Heresy (July 1989)
Stephen David Ross - Author

From Descartes to the present, there has been a call for a new beginning in philosophy. Contemporary continental philosophy and American pragmatism continue to proclaim the end of one philosophic tradition and the beginning of another. The basis for many of these developments is the repudiation of metaphysics.

The purpose of this book is to rethink the metaphysical traditions in terms of the continental and pragmatist critique...(Read More)
Art and Its Significance
Art and Its Significance (August 1987)
An Anthology of Aesthetic Theory, Second Edition
Stephen David Ross - Editor

The four parts of this anthology comprise a remarkably wide array of positions on the nature and importance of art in human experience. Part I, from the history of philosophy, includes selections by the essential writers: Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche. Part II contains significant selections from Dewey, Langer, Goodman, Heidegger, and Merleau-Ponty. The major selections in Part III are from Hirsch and Gadamer on the nature of interpre...(Read More)
Art and Its Significance
Art and Its Significance (June 1984)
An Anthology of Aesthetic Theory, First Edition
Stephen David Ross - Editor

The philosophy of art, including the theory of interpretation, has been among the most generative branches of philosophy in the latter half of the twentieth century. Remarkable, interesting, and important work has emerged on both sides of the Atlantic, from all the major sources of philosophic thought. For the first time, Stephen David Ross brings together the best of recent writing with the major historical texts and the most influential works of t...(Read More)
Perspective in Whitehead's Metaphysics
Perspective in Whitehead's Metaphysics (June 1983)
Stephen David Ross - Author

Stephen David Ross presents an extensive, detailed, and critical interpretation of Whitehead's mature thought, emphasizing the fundamental role of perspective in Whitehead's cosmology, and tracing the conflicts and difficulties therein to tensions involving perspective in relation to other central features of Whitehead's thought. Ross isolates four principles as having a fundamental role in whitehead's metaphysics: perspective, cosmology, experien...(Read More)
A Theory of Art
A Theory of Art (June 1982)
Inexhaustibility by Contrast
Stephen David Ross - Author

The richness of art is manifested in contrast: contrast with other works of art, other features of human experience, other times and places, and other forms of judgment and understanding. The possibilities of contrast are inexhaustible. Every being shares this inexhaustibility of openness to novel possibilities, although inexhaustibility is most fully realized in art.

The general theory of art and aesthetic value developed in this book is ...(Read More)
Philosophical Mysteries
Philosophical Mysteries (June 1981)
Stephen David Ross - Author

This is my major thesis. Mystery is inherent in both the nature of things and the nature of rationality. I will sustain this thesis by a review of some of the central issues of philosophy to elucidate their mysterious qualities. More important, however, I will develop in detail an explanation of mystery and trace some of its important ramifications.

I will argue that an ordinal metaphysics, with its associated theory of query, provides an acc...(Read More)
Transition to an Ordinal Metaphysics
Transition to an Ordinal Metaphysics (June 1980)
Stephen David Ross - Author

“Metaphysical categories represent different ways in which orders function, not exclusive modes of reality, and orders function in different ways under different circumstances, in different ordinal locations.” ― Stephen David Ross

This book presents the principles and categories of an ordinal metaphysics in relation to the metaphysical tradition and contemporary issues. It represents the only...(Read More)
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