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Ecosee (April 2009)
Image, Rhetoric, Nature
Sidney I. Dobrin - Editor
Sean Morey - Editor

Examines the rhetorical role of images in communicating environmental ideas.

How do supporters of the environmental movement manipulate and promote images of “nature” to achieve support and sympathy? From the Sierra Club’s use of Ansel Adams’s stark and pristine portraits of the western United States to close-ups of plastic bottles and dead fish floating in Rust Belt waterways, visual dep...(Read More)
Writing Environments
Writing Environments (February 2005)
Sidney I. Dobrin - Editor
Christopher J. Keller - Editor

Including interviews with several of America's leading environmental writers, this volume addresses the intersections between writing and nature.

Writing Environments
addresses the intersections between writing and nature through interviews with some of America's leading environmental writers. Those interviewed include Rick Bass, Cheryll Glotfelty, Annette Kolodny, Max Oelschlaeger, Simon J. Ortiz, David Quammen, ...(Read More)
Ethnography Unbound
Ethnography Unbound (February 2004)
From Theory Shock to Critical Praxis
Stephen Gilbert Brown - Editor
Sidney I. Dobrin - Editor

Problematizes traditional ethnographic research methods, offering instead self-reflexive critical practices.

These provocative new essays redefine the goals, methods, and assumptions of qualitative and ethnographic research in composition studies, making evident not only the crucial importance of ethnographic research, but also its resilience. As Ethnography Unbound makes evident, critical ethnographers are ret...(Read More)
Natural Discourse
Natural Discourse (March 2002)
Toward Ecocomposition
Sidney I. Dobrin - Author
Christian R. Weisser - Author

Examines the relationships between language and nature.

The first full-length book to address the relationships between environment and discourse, Natural Discourse explains why and how ecocomposition has become such a critical part of composition studies. Beginning by exploring the roots of ecocomposition, including a history of the use of the term ecocomposition, the book then examines ecological aspects of c...(Read More)
Ecocomposition (March 2001)
Theoretical and Pedagogical Approaches
Christian R. Weisser - Editor
Sidney I. Dobrin - Editor

Explores the intersections between writing and ecological studies.

Ecocomposition examines current trends in universities toward more environmentally sound work, explores the intersections between composition research--that is, discourse studies--and ecostudies, and offers possible pedagogies for the composition classroom. Never before have the intersections between ecotheory and composition studies in theory and pedagogy been a...(Read More)
The Kinneavy Papers
The Kinneavy Papers (April 2000)
Theory and the Study of Discourse
Lynn Worsham - Editor
Sidney I. Dobrin - Editor
Gary A. Olson - Editor

Award-winning essays in the field of rhetoric and composition.

Documenting an era of dramatic change and growth in the sophistication of scholarship in rhetoric and composition studies, this book includes essays which find in contemporary theory the language to ask new questions, to reframe existing problems, and to move beyond current impasses in thought and action. The different perspectives offer a stand against current backlash the...(Read More)
Constructing Knowledges
Constructing Knowledges (March 1997)
The Politics of Theory-Building and Pedagogy in Composition
Sidney I. Dobrin - Author

In this thought-provoking and gracefully written new book, Sidney Dobrin examines current debates over the relative value of theoretical and practical knowledges, both in the academy in general and in the discipline of rhetoric and composition. He explores arguments about whether theorizing is an appropriate mode of scholarly inquiry for a field that is primarily informed by practical knowledge, whether theory-building in general speaks to local con...(Read More)
Composition Theory for the Postmodern Classroom
Composition Theory for the Postmodern Classroom (May 1994)
Gary A. Olson - Editor
Sidney I. Dobrin - Editor

"...Composition Theory for the Postmodern Classroom comes into place at a critical moment. We have worked assiduously to flesh out the ways and means of composition for a new era. This text helps to document our way." --Jones Royster, from the Foreword

Composition Theory for the Postmodern Classroom is a collection of the most outstanding articles published in the Journal of Advanced Composition over the last decade. T...(Read More)
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