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Ordinary Jews
Ordinary Jews (September 2011)
Yehoshue Perle - Author
Shirley Kumove - Translated and with an introduction by

A new translation of a modern Yiddish masterpiece.

Since its original publication in 1935, Ordinary Jews has come to be regarded as one of the masterpieces of Yiddish literature. In his portrayal of the lives of ordinary Polish Jews in a small provincial city at the end of the nineteenth century, Yehoshue Perle offers a glimpse at a way of life that was already changing by the time of the novel’...(Read More)
Drunk from the Bitter Truth
Drunk from the Bitter Truth (September 2005)
The Poems of Anna Margolin
Anna Margolin - Author
Shirley Kumove - Translated, edited, and with an introduction by

Runner-up for the 2007 National Jewish Book Award in Poetry

Winner of the 2007 Award in Yiddish Literature and Translation from Yiddish presented by the Helen and Stan Vine Canadian Jewish Book Awards

The poems of Anna Margolin (1887–1952), appearing here both in the original Yiddish and in English translation.

...(Read More)
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