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Flashpoints in Environmental Policymaking
Flashpoints in Environmental Policymaking (April 1997)
Controversies in Achieving Sustainability
Sheldon Kamieniecki - Editor
George A. Gonzalez - Editor
Robert O. Vos - Editor

Presents alternative and often opposing viewpoints on the major national and international environmental controversies that will be with us well into the twenty-first century.

Although considerable progress has been made in improving environmental quality in parts of the United States, many localities have yet to meet federal air and water quality standards and many hazardous-waste sites remain to be cleaned up. At the ...(Read More)
Environmental Politics in the International Arena
Environmental Politics in the International Arena (September 1993)
Movements, Parties, Organizations, and Policy
Sheldon Kamieniecki - Editor

The environmental movement is having a marked impact on national and international politics. This book examines the dominant ethics, attitudes, and moral values behind the international environmental movement and analyzes how it has influenced national policies around the world. In addition, it assesses the effectiveness of international law and international organizations in improving natural resource conservation.

"The essays are all ori...(Read More)
Controversies in Environmental Policy
Controversies in Environmental Policy (December 1985)
Sheldon Kamieniecki - Editor
Robert M. O'Brien - Editor
Michael Clarke - Editor

Controversies in Environmental Policy presents comprehensive analyses of the politics surrounding decision-making on such environmental issues as land use, toxic waste management, new federalism, and economic incentive. It recognizes that environmental policy-making is a blend of politics, technology, and economics, and provides a sophisticated understanding of the interrelationship of the three.

The contributors to this volume examin...(Read More)
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