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Beauvoir and Western Thought from Plato to Butler
Beauvoir and Western Thought from Plato to Butler (December 2012)
Shannon M. Mussett - Editor
William S. Wilkerson - Editor

Essays on Beauvoir’s influences, contemporary engagements, and legacy in the philosophical tradition.

Despite a deep familiarity with the philosophical tradition and despite the groundbreaking influence of her own work, Simone de Beauvoir never embraced the idea of herself as a philosopher. Her legacy is similarly complicated. She is acclaimed as a revolutionary thinker on issues of gender, age, and oppres...(Read More)
The Contradictions of Freedom
The Contradictions of Freedom (October 2005)
Philosophical Essays on Simone de Beauvoir's The Mandarins
Sally J. Scholz - Editor
Shannon M. Mussett - Editor

The essential companion to Simone de Beauvoir's celebrated novel.

This unique collection examines the various contradictions of freedom in Simone de Beauvoir's The Mandarins, the tumultuous epic about the personal and political lives of post–World War II French intellectuals. Fifty years after its publication, Beauvoir's book transcends the narrow confines of time and place to speak powerfully to audiences to...(Read More)
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