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Steven Holl
Steven Holl (July 2018)
Making Architecture
Kerry Dean Carso - Author
Steven Holl - Author
Nina Stritzler-Levine - Author
Peter Olshavsky - Author
Sara J. Pasti - Author
Kristin Swan - Editor

Examines Steven Holl’s intricate and distinctive process of making architecture through approximately one hundred models, related sketches and other studies created for nine recent projects.

This publication, and the exhibition at the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art that it accompanies, investigates the architect Steven Holl’s unique process of making architecture, the foundation of which is drawing, almost always by han...(Read More)
Sara Greenberger Rafferty
Sara Greenberger Rafferty (May 2017)
Gloves Off
Sara J. Pasti - Author
Andrew Ingall - Author
Corinna Ripps Schaming - Author
Jonathan Thomas - Author
Jeanne Finley - Editor

Presents recent work by the Brooklyn-based artist known for unsettling works that contend with such topics as domesticity, the body, consumer culture, fashion, and violence.

The boxing term “gloves off”—frequently used as a metaphor to characterize brutal political campaigns and post-9/11 military interrogation—aptly describes the subtle aggressions in American popular culture that Sara Greenberger Raffer...(Read More)
Text/ures of Iraq
Text/ures of Iraq (March 2017)
Contemporary Art from the Collection of Oded Halahmy
Oded Halahmy - Author
Sara J. Pasti - Author
Murtazi Vali - Author
Ursula Morgan - Author

Presents work by Halahmy and eight other contemporary artists from Iraq: Hayder Ali, Amal Alwan, Mohammed al Hamadany, Ismail Khayat, Hanaa Malallah, Hassan Massoudy, Naziha Rashid, and Qasim Sabti.

Text/ures of Iraq presents work by New York-based sculptor Oded Halahmy, a Jewish native of Baghdad, alongside that of eight contemporary artists from Iraq: Hayder Ali, Amal Alwan, Mohammed al Hamadany, Ismail Khayat, Hanaa Ma...(Read More)
Intimately Unfamiliar
Intimately Unfamiliar (March 2017)
New Work by SUNY New Paltz Art Faculty
Michael Asbill - Author
Anne Galperin - Author
Sara J. Pasti - Author
Ursula Morgan - Author

Showcases the latest trends in art and design, from painting and sculpture to photography, printmaking, and metals.

This catalogue is published in conjunction with the exhibition Intimately Unfamiliar: New Work by SUNY New Paltz Art Faculty, curated by Michael Asbill, on display at the Dorsky from January 25 through April 9, 2017. The participating artists teach courses in printmaking, photography, painting, drawing, sc...(Read More)
Carl Walters and Woodstock Ceramic Art
Carl Walters and Woodstock Ceramic Art (March 2017)
Sara J. Pasti - Author
Adrienne Spinozzi - Author
Tom Wolf - Author
Ursula Morgan - Author

Surveys the forty-year career of Carl Walters (1883–1955), a pioneer of modern ceramic art in the United States.

Drawing on the first major exhibition of Carl Walters in over sixty years, this catalogue includes an extensive critical essay by curator Tom Wolf and an additional essay by modern ceramics expert Adrienne Spinozzi. The catalogue places Walters (1883–1955) within the context of development of ceramic arts...(Read More)
Bradley Walker Tomlin
Bradley Walker Tomlin (September 2016)
A Retrospective
Daniel Belasco - Author and editor
Douglas Dreishpoon - Author
Elizabeth Dunbar - Author
Sara J. Pasti - Author
Robert Phelps - Author
Bradley Walker Tomlin - Author

Presents new scholarship, images, and primary sources that explore the art and legacy of a critical yet under-recognized figure in Abstract Expressionism and twentieth-century American art.

“The gentleman Abstract Expressionist,” in the words of poet John Ashbery, Bradley Walker Tomlin was known for his elegance in both painting style and personal comportment. The book includes over forty paintings, ...(Read More)
In/Animate (September 2016)
Recent Work by Myra Mimlitsch-Gray
Daniel Belasco - Author and editor
Akiko Busch - Author
Myra Mimlitsch-Gray - Author
Sara J. Pasti - Author

Documents the groundbreaking art of nationally renowned metalsmith Myra Mimlitsch-Gray.

In/Animate surveys the past decade of work by Myra Mimlitsch-Gray, internationally renowned metalsmith and head of the Metal Program at SUNY New Paltz. Curated by author Akiko Busch, the exhibition explores a variety of artistic processes using iron, copper, brass, silver, and enameled steel. Mimlitsch-Gray’s dom...(Read More)
On the Street and in the Studio
On the Street and in the Studio (March 2016)
Photographs Donated by Howard Greenberg
Daniel Belasco - Author and editor
Howard Greenberg - Author
Sara J. Pasti - Author

The catalogue for a two-part exhibition that presents more than sixty compelling photographs—including prints by Eugène Atget and Berenice Abbott—exploring major themes in modern photography, donated by leading photography specialist and dealer Howard Greenberg.

The history of photography concerns its materiality as much as its imagery. The Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art at the State University o...(Read More)
The Floating World
The Floating World (February 2016)
Holograms by Rudie Berkhout
Daniel Belasco - Author and editor
Martina Mrongovius - Author
Rudie Berkhout - Author
Sara J. Pasti - Author

Documents the art and science of three-dimensional abstract artworks created in the 1970s and 1980s by one of the leading innovators of fine art holography.

The first-ever catalogue dedicated to light artist and holographer Rudie Berkhout, The Floating World focuses on the transmission holograms Berkhout made from 1978 to 1989, a peak period of his creativity and professional recognition. In a transmissi...(Read More)
Andrew Lyght
Andrew Lyght (February 2016)
Full Circle
L. H. Roper - Author and editor
Andrew Lyght - Author
Karwan Fatah-Black - Author
Carl E. Hazlewood - Author
Bram Hoonhout - Author
Renata Karlin - Author
Tumelo Mosaka - Author
Sara J. Pasti - Author
Barbara Rose - Author
Artemis Zenetou - Author

Documents the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art’s exhibition of work by Guyana-born contemporary artist Andrew Lyght and provides new scholarship contextualizing Lyght’s work within the history and culture of Guyana and modern art.

This is a venture into the departures, encounters, discoveries, and transgressions that inform Andrew Lyght’s artistic practice and life. While living and working for deca...(Read More)
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