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Repositioning Race
Repositioning Race (May 2014)
Prophetic Research in a Postracial Obama Age
Sandra L. Barnes - Editor
Zandria F. Robinson - Editor
Earl Wright II - Editor

Examines the progress of and obstacles faced by African Americans in twenty-first-century America.

In Repositioning Race, leading African American sociologists assess the current state of race theory, racial discrimination, and research on race in order to chart a path toward a more engaged public scholarship. They contemplate not only the paradoxes of Black freedom but also the paradoxes of equality and ...(Read More)
The Cost of Being Poor
The Cost of Being Poor (July 2005)
A Comparative Study of Life in Poor Urban Neighborhoods in Gary, Indiana
Sandra L. Barnes - Author

Looks at the daily lives of poor people to demonstrate that the poor pay more than others, by both monetary and other measures, to meet basic needs.

While the negative effects of urban poverty are well documented, the everyday experiences of urban residents are often absent or secondary in urban studies research. The Cost of Being Poor rectifies this problem by examining both the noneconomic and the often-overloo...(Read More)
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