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Degrees of Compromise
Degrees of Compromise (April 2001)
Industrial Interests and Academic Values
Jennifer Croissant - Editor
Sal Restivo - Editor

Analyzes value changes arising from new university-industry research relationships.

Degrees of Compromise
probes the convergence of for-profit business collaborations with higher education. Interdisciplinary in scope, the collection questions the effects of commercialization activities on undergraduate student values and graduate education practice and ethics, research autonomy, institutional prestige, and scientific...(Read More)
Math Worlds
Math Worlds (April 1993)
Philosophical and Social Studies of Mathematics and Mathematics Education
Sal Restivo - Editor
Jean Paul Van Bendegem - Editor
Roland Fischer - Editor

"Philosophy of mathematics has become a major area of interest for philosophers and historians of ideas in the last few years; and the swing has been toward examining the social context and processes involved in mathematics rather than taking it as a transcendent body of truths. This book is very up to date in this respect. It will prove to be the cutting-edge statement on the sociological approach to mathematics on both philosophical and theoreti...(Read More)
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