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Joining the Global Public
Joining the Global Public (July 2007)
Word, Image, and City in Early Chinese Newspapers, 1870-1910
Rudolf G. Wagner - Editor

Explores the early Chinese press, which emerged in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and its impact on China’s modernization.

Joining the Global Public examines early Chinese-language newspapers and analyzes their impact on China’s modernization. Exploring a range of media such as regular dailies, illustrated weeklies, and entertainment papers, contributors look at factors that in...(Read More)
A Chinese Reading of the Daodejing
A Chinese Reading of the Daodejing (October 2003)
Wang Bi's Commentary on the Laozi with Critical Text and Translation
Rudolf G. Wagner - Author

Presenting the commentary of the third-century sage Wang Bi, this book provides a Chinese way of reading the Daodejing, one which will surprise Western readers.

Many of the brightest Chinese minds have used the form of the commentary to open the terse and poetic chapters of the Laozi to their readers and also to develop a philosophy of their own. None has been more sophisticated, philosophica...(Read More)

Language, Ontology, and Political Philosophy in China
Language, Ontology, and Political Philosophy in China (January 2003)
Wang Bi's Scholarly Exploration of the Dark (Xuanxue)
Rudolf G. Wagner - Author

Explores the thought of Wang Bi, the third-century Chinese philosopher who made brilliant, innovative contributions in an era when traditional intellectual institutions and orthodoxies had collapsed.

With the collapse of the Han dynasty in 220 C.E., an entire system of state and intellectual organization fell apart. The brilliant Wang Bi and his generation of young scholars grew up in a no-man's land without teac...(Read More)
The Craft of a Chinese Commentator
The Craft of a Chinese Commentator (January 2000)
Wang Bi on the Laozi
Rudolf G. Wagner - Author

A systematic study of Wang Bi's (226-249) commentary on the Laozi, this book provides the first systematic study of a Chinese commentator's scholarly craft and introduces a highly sophisticated Chinese way of reading the Taoist classic, one that differs greatly from Western interpretations.

The Laozi has been translated into Western languages hundreds of times over the past two hundred years. It has become the book...(Read More)
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