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Ethnicity and Inequality
Ethnicity and Inequality (August 1990)
Robert M. Jiobu - Author

This book is a study of the relationship between ethnicity and socioeconomic status. it is the first to empirically study both the white and nonwhite underclass. Jiobu uses United States census data on twenty ethnic groups including specific white groups and specific nonwhite groups. Using the 1980 national census, which contains information on ancestry for the first time, Jiobu demonstrates that it is possible to define ethnic groups in new ways...(Read More)
Ethnicity and Assimilation
Ethnicity and Assimilation (July 1988)
Blacks, Chinese, Filipinos, Koreans, Japanese, Mexicans, Vietnamese, and Whites
Robert M. Jiobu - Author

This is a study of the main ethnic groups in California and is the only study that offers a direct comparison of these various ethnic groups. The author presents the thesis that the upward mobility of an ethnic group is determined not only by its infrastructure but also by the infrastructure of the situation the group encounters. For example, the chapter on history emphasizes economics and demographics more than subcultural values and attitudes. ...(Read More)
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