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Hartshorne, Process Philosophy, and Theology
Hartshorne, Process Philosophy, and Theology (July 1989)
Robert Kane - Editor
Stephen H. Phillips - Editor

This book provides an introduction to Hartshorne's contributions to contemporary philosophy and theology. It also covers some of the current controversies in philosophy and theology that Hartshorne's contributions have generated.

The opening chapter is a lucid and penetrating introduction to Hartshorne's thought. Some of the following chapters break new ground on issues that have concerned Hartshorne throughout his career: the nature and m...(Read More)
Free Will and Values
Free Will and Values (November 1985)
Robert Kane - Author

A philosophical analysis of free will and the relativity of values.

This book shows how two topics of longstanding philosophical interest—free will and value relativism—are connected in unsuspected ways. The ancient doctrine that all values are relative provides clues needed to resolve some important philosophical problems about free will. One of these problems concerns theories that deny the compa...(Read More)
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