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Thinking through Thomas Merton
Thinking through Thomas Merton (February 2014)
Contemplation for Contemporary Times
Robert Inchausti - Author

Considers the legacy of Thomas Merton and his relevance for contemporary times.

With the publication of The Seven Storey Mountain in 1948, Thomas Merton became a bestselling author, writing about spiritual contemplation in a modern context. Although Merton (1915–1968) lived as a Trappist monk, he advocated a spiritual life that was not a retreat from the world, but an alternative to it, particularly...(Read More)
Thomas Merton's American Prophecy
Thomas Merton's American Prophecy (January 1998)
Robert Inchausti - Author

Presents Thomas Merton as the quintessential American outsider who defines himself in opposition to the world and then discovers a way back into dialogue with that world and compassion for it.

"This is a fresh approach to Thomas Merton, situating him as an 'apostle' and 'prophet' in American intellectual history. His prophetic gifts were many, but in articulating whatever issues faced Americans, his voice remained faithf...(Read More)
The Ignorant Perfection of Ordinary People
The Ignorant Perfection of Ordinary People (August 1991)
Robert Inchausti - Author

"I think it is a powerful statement that deserves to be widely read and circulated. I could hardly be more enthusiastic about it. It hangs together compellingly and really does what it sets out to do." -- Maurice Friedman, San Diego State University

This book examines how the spiritual longings of ordinary people have shaped the most progressive political and cultural movements of the twentieth century and given birth to a new postmodern pe...(Read More)
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