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The Knowledge Base in Educational Administration
The Knowledge Base in Educational Administration (July 1995)
Multiple Perspectives
Robert Donmoyer - Editor
Michael Imber - Editor
James Joseph Scheurich - Editor

This anthology summarizes and critiques the current knowledge base in the field of educational administration.
For scholars and practitioners who are interested in or are concerned about knowledge-based issues, this book provides a needed antidote to narrow discussions of foundational issues.
The editors of this book maintain that discussions of a knowledge base in educational administration have typically been limited to a fairly tra...(Read More)
At-Risk Students
At-Risk Students (July 1993)
Portraits, Policies, Programs, and Practices
Robert Donmoyer - Editor
Raylene Kos - Editor

"Without coming to grips with the at-risk student problem, school reorganization, new subject matter, instructional methods, and other forms of curriculum reform are all hollow. As one reads the material in this book, it becomes very clear that larger societal issues are at stake, and need to be solved. Oh, that the "Education President" would/could read this kind of material as a basis of making national policy." -- Nelson L. Haggerson, Arizona St...(Read More)
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