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Murder on Trial
Murder on Trial (March 2005)
Robert Asher - Editor
Lawrence B. Goodheart - Editor
Alan Rogers - Editor

A historical romp through the fascinating subject of murder jurisprudence in the United States from the colonial period to the present, showing how changing social mores have influenced the application of murder law.

This fascinating collection examines murder jurisprudence—the social rules that govern the arrest, trial, and punishment of people accused of murder—in the United States from the colonial period...(Read More)
Autowork (May 1995)
Robert Asher - Editor
Ronald Edsforth - Editor
Stephen Merlino - With assistance from

An anthology of original essays on the history of work experience in automobile factories, from 1913 to the present.

"This is an absolutely marvelous anthology surveying and analyzing the rich history and changing character of autowork in twentieth-century America. It is one of the few books that analyzes the auto industry and its workforce from its origins to the present." -- Stephen Meyer, author of The Five Dollar Day: Labor M...(Read More)
Labor Divided
Labor Divided (March 1990)
Race and Ethnicity in United States Labor Struggles, 1835-1960
Robert Asher - Editor
Charles Stephenson - Editor

Labor Divided is the first anthology on race, ethnicity and the history of American working-class struggles to give substantial attention to the experiences of African-American, Asian, and Hispanic workers as well as to the experiences of workers from European backgrounds. The essays in Labor Divided cover a time period of more than a century. They focus on the experiences of service workers as well as factory workers, women as well ...(Read More)
Life and Labor
Life and Labor (September 1986)
Dimensions of American Working-Class History
Charles Stephenson - Editor
Robert Asher - Editor

“This collection is an excellent presentation of recent research in the new labor history...I regard the book as central to this field at this time.” — Irwin Yellowitz, The City College of the City University of New York

“This book presents vigorously and with consistency the work of a forceful and important younger generation of scholars. The articles represent the very best that is being done in this ar...(Read More)
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