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Mystery 101
Mystery 101 (February 2018)
An Introduction to the Big Questions and the Limits of Human Knowledge
Richard H. Jones - Author

Delineates the knowable from the unknowable in philosophy, science, and theology.

Offering readers much to ponder, Richard H. Jones approaches the “big questions” of philosophy such as the nature of reality, consciousness, free will, the existence of God, and the meaning of life not by weighing the merits of leading arguments in these debates, but instead by questioning the extent to which we are even in a position t...(Read More)
Philosophy of Mysticism
Philosophy of Mysticism (May 2016)
Raids on the Ineffable
Richard H. Jones - Author

A comprehensive exploration of the philosophical issues raised by mysticism.
This work is a comprehensive study of the philosophical issues raised by mysticism. Mystics claim to experience reality in a way not available in normal life, a claim which makes this phenomenon interesting from a philosophical perspective. Richard H. Jones’s inquiry focuses on the skeleton of beliefs and values of mysticism: knowledge claims made...(Read More)
Mysticism Examined
Mysticism Examined (July 1993)
Philosophical Inquiries into Mysticism
Richard H. Jones - Author

Mysticism presents a challenge to anyone who is interested in fundamental questions about the nature of reality, knowledge, and how we should live. In this book the author examines questions posed by mysticism. He clarifies the nature of the claims advanced by Western and Asian mystics, and explores the beliefs and values of classical mystical ways of life for their interconnections and reasonableness. Jones discusses whether all mystical experie...(Read More)
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