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Clinical Assessment and Substance Abuse Treatment
Clinical Assessment and Substance Abuse Treatment (December 2002)
The Target Cities Experience
Richard C. Stephens - Editor
Christy K Scott - Editor
Randolph D. Muck - Editor

Evaluates drug and alcohol abuse treatment systems and their effects on individual alcohol and drug abusers.

During the 1990s, in response to the multi-faceted phenomenon of substance abuse, the federal government's Center for Substance Abuse Treatment funded the Target Cities project in nineteen U.S. cities. This volume evaluates how the Target Cities project affected both treatment systems and individuals with ...(Read More)
The Street Addict Role
The Street Addict Role (July 1991)
A Theory of Heroin Addiction
Richard C. Stephens - Author

This book provides a new answer to the question, "Why do people use heroin and other street drugs?" Drawing upon a growing body of studies of drug users conducted by sociologists and anthropologists, it attempts to integrate their findings into a theoretically unified sociocultural explanation of heroin use. The theory, which draws heavily upon the insights of symbolic interactionist and role theory, posits that there is a street subculture of her...(Read More)
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