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Landmines and Human Security
Landmines and Human Security (June 2004)
International Politics and War's Hidden Legacy
Richard A. Matthew - Editor
Bryan McDonald - Editor
Kenneth R. Rutherford - Editor
Her Majesty Queen Noor - Foreword by
The Honorable Lloyd Axworthy - Foreword by
Lady Heather Mills McCartney - Foreword by
Sir Paul McCartney - Foreword by
Senator Patrick Leahy - Foreword by

Recounts and evaluates the worldwide effort to ban landmines.

“This volume charts how a diverse group of individuals with no common affiliation or political interest other than their collective cause, using modern networking and communications, can bring about social change. In documenting this alone, this volume has done great service.” — Journal of Peace Research

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Contested Grounds
Contested Grounds (April 1999)
Security and Conflict in the New Environmental Politics
Daniel H. Deudney - Editor
Richard A. Matthew - Editor

Presents diverse views on the relationship between environmental politics and international security.

Since the end of the Cold War, the relationship between international security and the environment has been subject to intensive policy concern, scholarly debate and research. Contested Grounds brings together many of the best known researchers on this emerging topic as they present sharply conflicting views on t...(Read More)
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